The Harp Bakery

Bulevardul Dimitrie Cantemir 2, Unirii, București
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Aflata la granita dintre cafenea, boulangerie si bistro, The Harp Bakery combina caracteristicile acestor trei concepte intr-o formula originala. Interiorul clasic si confortabil are aerul unui camin primitor, unde vei gasi o cafea de cea mai buna calitate, patiserie autentica frantuzeasca, paine proaspat coapta, gustari consistente, paste, pizza, dar si o selectie de preparate culinare elaborate.

Fie ca te asezi pentru cateva minute sau comanzi la pachet, The Harp Bakery iti ofera alternative gustoase pentru fiecare moment al zilei: mic dejun, pranz sau cina.

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Ana Maria
16 ianuarie 2019 05:28

My favourite place in the city. Nice staff and a good vibe. Comfortable chairs, good music, many types of tea, delicious mint hot chocolate, delicious cakes. I feel like home there. I go often there.
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Robert Sendroiu
21 august 2019 03:52

It.s a fine place. Bakery and not...
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Soboh Rami
4 iunie 2019 14:18

I had a nice meeting there where I ate an awesome cheesecake. 😁💪 🎂
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Mihai Tutu
9 decembrie 2018 01:45

Just the little bistro of the restaurant next door. The tables outside are always busy in the summer days and in the winter they are full inside. Maybe because they are next to the city center. Otherwise, the prices are about average and the staff is decent, but nothing spectacular. They could do more, but it seems they concentrate on the restaurant more.
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Alexandru Stanescu
16 iulie 2019 09:39

Nice place, right in the middle of Bucharest
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