The George and Dragon Pub

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Strada Cuza Voda 46, Centru, București

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I Ivanescu
14 iulie 2018 23:01 Rezervat în data de 14 iulie 2018 prin

Am făcut o rezervare pentru 5 persoane și cănd am ajuns acolo ni s-a spus ca nu primesc copii că ei de fapt sunt un bar dar în prezentarea de pe aplicație se prezintă ca un restaurant și nu scrie nicaieri că nu primesc copii. Probabil o să fac plângere la OPC.

C Cristian
30 septembrie 2017 00:14 Rezervat în data de 29 septembrie 2017 prin

un singur cuvânt: EXCELENT!

de revenit!!

16 mai 2018 18:55

It is a guest house with 6 rooms over the pub with a very nice garden. Room and bathrooms are so clean although bathrooms are shared (no private bathrooms).
Closer to the city centre, Old Town and Parliament.
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Florin Carmaciu
3 mai 2018 14:55

Lovely experience - family owned place with very friendly atmosphere ! Food is great, you can take part in whisky or scotch tasting! Also a wide wine selection available. Highly recommended!
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Bogdan George
24 martie 2018 17:20

Wide range of beverages (whiskeys, wines, beers) that i didn't see in other places. You can keep the menu and you get a 10% discount if you bring it the next time you go there. Friendly staff that know how to serve you. The place is cosy and intimate and the music is not too loud or too low. Not too many people when I got there, I don't understand why is it so empty. I let the staff know that i'll be back. Clearly underrated.
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6 iulie 2018 19:58

Poor service. Only one type of beer (draught) which is more expensive than a bottle one. The recipe is loose no detail on it
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Mihai Marghidan
29 aprilie 2018 09:53

Excellent food and wide range of wines. Great atmosphere. Go ahead and try!
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