The Clique Bistro

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Splaiul Unirii , Vitan, București

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Local modern si cochet, situat in centrul Bucurestiului, Piata Unirii. Loc plin de verdeata cu o terasa care ofera o priveliste minunata.

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09:00 - 02:00
Marți - Joi
09:00 - 01:00
Vineri - Duminică
09:00 - 03:00


Păreri despre "The Clique Bistro"

vasile codescu
6 iunie 2019 01:48

A lovely place. A bit crowded, but...I love it. A good varsity of drinks, lovely staff and the rest you can see it by yourself. I ll be back soon. That's for sure.
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Kinetic Kiwi
7 iunie 2019 20:19

Very good location with a nice aesthetic going for it. A bit on the pricy side but the food is great, at least the burgers are. Wide selection of beverages at acceptable prices. The seating is sligthly problematic as most tables are reserved at all times. Overall a great place that is worth visiting!
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Ana Cuatu
27 martie 2019 06:11

I come here with my friend as often as possible. The location next to the Dâmbovița River is amazing. Plus, the interior decor is quite interesting. I recommend it!
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Anastasia Plaskasoviti
18 ianuarie 2019 22:04

I used to go frequently in this bistro, since it was one of the only ones in the city center that the smoking was allowed indoors.
I made a reservation and we went with my friends. They informed me, a couple of hours before the reservation that smoking is no longer allowed. We were ok with that and we decided to go even though we couldn't smoke.
We order drinks and food. We ate the the food, and one of the burgers was raw, so we didn't eat the meat. When the waiter came to pick up the plates, we told them that next time, they should be a little more careful with the burger because it raw. We didn't ask for an exchange or anything. We just wanted to let them know. The waiter started screaming to us in Romanian, pointing to us. We tried to explain him that we don't say it as a bad feedback and we don't anything in exchange and he kept screaming. We asked for the manager and when the manager came she told us, with the attitude of a queen, that we were wrong and that they don't care if we never go again, because they have a lot of customers.
She argued with us for many minutes, accusing us of being wrong.
It was the worst service I ever had in my life!!!
I wouldn't suggest it to anyone!!!
There are much better places in the city, that you can enjoy in peace without having people screaming at you and accusing you for stuff!
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15 martie 2019 01:14

Really good ! Nice food friendly staff. Nice atmosphere . Recomended . We had the BBQ chops and mashroom soup. Both great
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