Calea 13 Septembrie 127-131, București

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Măreția palatului Taj Mahal reprezintă cultura Indiei în toată lumea. Împrumutându-i numele, restaurantul Taj s-a obligat încă de la deschidere să reprezinte sofisticata bucătarie indiană în București.

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B Bogdan
15 martie 2017 07:43 Rezervat în data de 13 martie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Vegan friendly!
Picant la nota 5 din 10 e deja foarte picant pentru bucătăria românească :)
Servire rapidă și consultativă

C Catalin
20 noiembrie 2016 18:30 Rezervat în data de 19 noiembrie 2016 prin ialoc.ro

Servire ireproșabilă, muzică autentică, iar preparatele sunt foarte bune. Nu sunt vegetarian, dar recomand cu căldură Onion bhaji și curry-ul de linte neagră. Iar înghețata e un must have.

David Childers
6 iulie 2017 15:11

Very nice traditional (Indian) atmosphere. Friendly staff. Prices are above average.

It took over one hour (!) before our food arrived. We thought they had forgotten about us. The food was way too spicy - we asked for 'medium'-spicy (which is what we are accustomed to in Indian restaurants) and what we received did not resemble 'medium' at all. Because of this, we did not enjoy the food even though it was made with high quality ingredients.

So, two things to remember when visiting this restaurant:
1. Free your entire night.
2. Ask for less spicy than you are used to.
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Mohamad Ballout
14 iunie 2017 22:05

A great indian restaurant! Food was very good and the waiter was friendly but if you stay inside you won't last for more than 1 hour because there's no windows and the smell of spices is strong.
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Mark Storey
9 iulie 2017 19:06

Ordered takeaway, took over 2 hours to arrive despite promises being made that it would be less. Very disappointed, we gave up in the end especially when there was no offer of a reduction in price. Shame because the food is not bad.
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Cristina Diciu
24 martie 2017 10:57

The best Indian food experience you can have in Bucharest. It's nothing like you've ever had before. Unique flavor, reasonable price.
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Michael Kerr
12 aprilie 2017 18:03

The service was terrible. We saw our waiter twice. Once when she brought our drinks, which were not refilled once, and then when she brought our food to our table. She did not come back to the table at all. We even had to get up and go to her to get our check, which she absolutely refused to separate. I do not recommend this establishment at all. The food is very overpriced for mediocrity.
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