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Calea 13 Septembrie 127-131, 13 Septembrie, București

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Măreția palatului Taj Mahal reprezintă cultura Indiei în toată lumea. Împrumutându-i numele, restaurantul Taj s-a obligat încă de la deschidere să reprezinte sofisticata bucătarie indiană în București.

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B Bogdan
15 martie 2017 07:43 Rezervat în data de 13 martie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Vegan friendly!
Picant la nota 5 din 10 e deja foarte picant pentru bucătăria românească :)
Servire rapidă și consultativă

C Catalin
20 noiembrie 2016 18:30 Rezervat în data de 19 noiembrie 2016 prin ialoc.ro

Servire ireproșabilă, muzică autentică, iar preparatele sunt foarte bune. Nu sunt vegetarian, dar recomand cu căldură Onion bhaji și curry-ul de linte neagră. Iar înghețata e un must have.

Em Flow
8 aprilie 2018 06:35

No complaints about the food; it's very delicious and full of aroma and spices! I am an occasional goer to the all you can eat event where food varies and there is plenty of it. Sometimes there is live music with violin and/ or piano and singing. The price used to be 70 lei which they still advertise on the website but recently I was told on the phone that it has gone up to 80 lei because the ingredients and everything are now more expensive. There is one small thing that bothers me and I'm sure no one ever thought about mentioning it: the toilet seat. Being in a downward angle it takes forever to place paper on it to sit there as no one is going to sit directly on it. Also the cubicle door has no key. I reckon they won't fix this as it would not be in their interest unless they really are generous with the food and they don't care just about the ratings.
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Jack Woodward
3 iunie 2018 16:58

Great food! It is a little bit more pricey than other places but it is great food. Very accommodating and great staff that help you to make decisions and give you a great experience. Great vegan options.
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Alejandra Săndulescu
2 iunie 2018 14:16

great service, with english and pleasant manners. Good food, but keep in mind EVERYTHING is spicy, only 2 dishes are "not" spicy and they actually are a bit. Very quiet pleasant ambiance. I recommend it.
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Luca Pintilie
12 iulie 2018 07:52

Very good food, though you have to remember to specify exactly the hotness level for each dish, otherwise you might get really burned - and I am generally very hot food tolerant.
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Mihai Barsan
11 aprilie 2018 01:36

Very good food and a nice cozy atmosphere. The curry was spicy and the rice was perfect. All in all a good experience, would definitely come back again.
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