Sushi Terra

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Ziduri Mosi 23, Obor, București
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O retea de restaurante cu cele mai delicioase sushi din Bucuresti!

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Luni - Duminică
11:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Sushi Terra"

Gabriela G
20 iunie 2019 22:01

Great place to enjoy dinner or lunch. Beautiful aquariums, very nice atmosphere.
Very good food.
Still, the waiters should be nicer, to smile more and make the guests feel welcomed.
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Klaus Bæk Pedersen
27 aprilie 2019 13:26

Interesting place with quick service and tasty sushi served in wooden boats.
The drinks were interesting and tasted really well and the prices were not more than fair for the sushi and a steal for the drinks.
Special mention should be given to the pieces that I was told had eel on/in them, they tasted good and were something that you can not get in every country.
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Oana Iulia
5 iulie 2019 09:08

I'm a life fan of your Tom Yum fish soup! Also, the rice from the sushi is really well prepared. Well done!
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Alin Culea
15 august 2019 09:23

One of the best places where you can eat a good tasty sushi
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Adrian Dumitrescu
7 iulie 2019 15:54

Very good food. Quite pricy though, and the portions are not so big.
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