Sushi Terra

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Ziduri Mosi 23, Obor, București

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O retea de restaurante cu cele mai delicioase sushi din Bucuresti!

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Păreri despre "Sushi Terra"

Gabriel Giurca
5 ianuarie 2019 22:55

A good place to eat although it can get quite expensive. If you're into sushi like me you're def gonna enjoy the menus but you can easily pay 25-30 bucks in two for a decent meal.
Fishtanks are definitely a nice touch and I enjoy going there for a nice meal with my girlfriend when we feel it's sushi time. It's hands down my favorite sushi to go in the entire Bucharest but truth be told there's not so many options around.
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Claudiu Andone
24 ianuarie 2019 20:51

Just been there with my wife and two kids. The little one doesn't eat sushi so I got her a happy meal. Guess what! A waitress told us right away the we can't have that in their restaurant. The idiot just ejected 3 good customers for ever. Thank you sushi terra!
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Lavinia Gheorghiu
16 februarie 2019 22:09

Nice cozy place, very clean, acceptable sushy..some of them they are very fast for take way, witch is a strong point
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Rafael Campuzano Arenas
8 martie 2019 20:27

Very good sushi and oriental soups
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13 august 2018 12:12

I entered the restaurant and the employees/waiters where eating corn on the cob. Nobody was paying attention to me as I was approaching the counter. Nobody was greeting me. In the end a boy said hi and asked me if I want to order. I placed an order, I said I wanted to be a take-away order I paid and I was waiting for my order when a woman came out from behind the curtains and asked me again what I was doing there and I said I placed an order and I am waiting for it. After my order came the woman checked what I have ordered and then, as I was standing there with the receipt in my hand, and she staring at it, she asked if I have paid, I said yes and she continued "Well then, can I see the receipt?" although she was staring at it, I showed her the receipt and after that she gave me my food. But is in it obvious that when you order something and you come for it you pay it, and then they give you your order?!? And, I got the ends of the sushi roll, again, second time in a row!!!!!!! So if you want to be treated nice, avoid this place!!!!!!
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