SOLE D`ITALIA [închis permanent]

Șoseaua Virtuții 2B, Politehnica, București

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SOLE D`ITALIA nu acceptă rezervări online prin

SOLE D`ITALIA este un restaurant localizat la adresa Șoseaua Virtuții numărul 2B. Deschis de Luni până Vineri între orele 09:00 - 00:00, cu excepția zilelor de Sâmbătă și Duminică când te așteptăm între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La SOLE D`ITALIA te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific italian sau american.

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Luni - Vineri
09:00 - 00:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "SOLE D`ITALIA"

Mihai Panaitescu
17 ianuarie 2017 21:05

I was pleasantly impressed by the excellent service, very tasty italian kitchen, good, friendly and fast service. Also, I consider the prices are low comparing to the quality of service received.
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Gabi Medveschi
11 iunie 2017 04:12

My place to hang out, great Pizza and food
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Marius-Catalin Nicolae
13 aprilie 2017 14:51

Good italian dishes and good prices!
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Florian Iancu
9 septembrie 2016 21:44

Good food, nice enough staff, nothing fancy, but perfect for the neighborhood which lacks good places to eat a pizza and have a beer. One down side is that the street is a bit noisy, which tends to be a little annoying if you're seated outside.
Also, avoid the place while the owner is here as he likes to blast the music full volume and you can't have a decent conversation, but so far this only happened to me once.
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Alex Done
15 octombrie 2016 09:39

Good restaurant/terrace, plenty of tables, enjoyed the food and coffee
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