Sare și Piper

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Viorele 26, Tineretului, București

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Sare și Piper este un restaurant localizat la adresa Viorele numărul 26. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La Sare și Piper te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american sau internațional sau italian sau românesc.

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Constantin Chirila
23 februarie 2018 00:45

It took me some time to decide between the three and the four stars rating. This has been my second encounter with this restaurant, and as I entered the place, same as the first time, what negatively impressed me was the cigarettes smoke...
This is against the legislation obviously, however, some restaurants like this one take the hybrid approach of having some outdoor space for smokers... so far nothing wrong, nor illegal, but what if that space is not really outdoor and the only separation between that and the non smoking area is a simple door? Now we've got two worlds colliding, and a legal issue I've been able to get over for the sake of having some really good time and meal with some close friends. Getting over the occasional cigarettes smoke coming from the smoking area I've been able to enjoy my time and meal, and i' ve really appreciated the quality of the service, but for the sake of everything else, this restaurant should really pay more attention to legal issues concerning smoking areas.
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Bogdan Popescu
4 martie 2018 23:53

Good food, moderate prices and a relaxed atmosphere. Service can be a bit slow, especially on crowded nights. Smoking is allowed on the terrace and bathrooms could be a bit cleaner, but overall it is a good, genuine, unpretentious neighborhood restaurant.
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Cristian Teodoridis
28 ianuarie 2018 18:24

Great fish restaurant! Brand new establishment, best fish dishes in the area. Plus the celebrity touch provided by Ivan Patzaichin!
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Bogdan Dumitrescu
24 ianuarie 2018 20:25

Serves traditional romanian fare along with italian additions, as many restaurants do in Romania; thus it lacks originality; I had a huge pork knuckle with cabbage which I enjoied, though it had no salt or pepper; the rucola salad was a little bit too salty; decent service; decent prices; crowded for lunch (on Union’s Day); free private parking; free wi-fi; outdoor seating;
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Andrei L
17 februarie 2018 15:14

You have to wait too long for the food. Always.Good food.
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