Restaurant La Piazzetta [închis permanent]

Mihai Bravu 32, Moşilor, București

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Acest local nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Restaurant La Piazzetta nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Restaurant La Piazzetta este un restaurant localizat la adresa Mihai Bravu numărul 32. Deschis zilnic între orele 12:00 - 02:00.

La Restaurant La Piazzetta te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific internațional sau italian sau american.

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Gabi Stanciu
26 septembrie 2018 08:27

It's not a typical pub, this one has a big yard with a fountain in the middle and a corner for kids to play. The food is very good and the staff is friendly. I totally recommend this place.
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Oana Calcan
17 mai 2018 09:45

Pleasant location for hanging out with your friends. Large terrace for the summer days. Tasty food and interesting food associations. I was satisfied with every dish I've tried. Slow service. During weekends it's better to call and book a table.
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Adrian Oancea
27 iulie 2018 21:45

It's a chill place to be. They have great food, open air and also protection against the rain.

The music is present, but on a slow mood.

You have a central fountain which makes things relaxed.

Went with 12 frienda and surely will come back.
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Armin Shir
13 octombrie 2018 10:52

The best burgers i have EVER eaten, anywhere! I don't know what sort of magic they use but a trip there is worth every penny!
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Emilia Voicu
21 august 2018 23:31

The burgers are mediocre and fairly overpriced for what they actually end up tasting like but the fries are amazing. The lemonades might sound a bit weird but they are absolutely fantastic! The lava cake is good but doesn't really pop out.
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