Restaurant Hong Kong

Calea Griviței 81, Victoriei, București
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Restaurant Hong Kong este un restaurant localizat la adresa Calea Griviței numărul 81. Deschis zilnic între orele 12:00 - 22:00.

La Restaurant Hong Kong te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific chinezesc sau american.

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Florin Ghioca
17 iunie 2019 05:00

What I do like at this place is the food, which is the most important. The prices are a little bit higher that expected, at least for the Romanians.
It's cozy and the service it's pretty ok. I tried the sweet and sour chicken and so far it's the best in town!
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Tudor Crisian Mărășescu
31 martie 2019 21:09

Fair food. Good prices. Friendly staff. We come here often and I would recommend it as a good Chinese restaurant. Take care, your clothes will smell afterwards :-)
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Luminita Badescu
30 mai 2019 14:38

I have eating here since the 90's and remain the preferred Chinese restaurant, despite the waiters and the ambience. Tasty dishes.
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Florescu Sorin
2 martie 2019 21:45

Serving was awful, I received half of the ordered food in less than 20 minutes (this was normal) but the other half arrived 40 minutes later (this was NOT OK). All my friends from the table had already finished their food and I was still waiting to get something to eat. Believe me when I say it, the order was not special or anything else that could result in such a big delay when cooking, I requested some fried chicken and eggplant. The location has all the tables and chairs crowded. The smell from the kitchen is strong in the dining area so your clothes will smell like food. The food was ok (3 stars for the food).
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Gigi Marga
19 martie 2019 14:24

I've been there on Saturday and will not go back again.
I had to wait 50 min. for the food. I asked when I ordered how long in will take and they said it will not take long.
I ordered the Peking Duck but I got some horrible over fried and very dry duck breast. It was served with Hoisin sauce instead of the Duck sauce.
On top of everything the waiter behaved really badly when asked about why is it taking that long.
So, unless you have nothing to do and you like gambling with your food, don't go there!!!
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