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Șoseaua Dudești-Pantelimon 44A, București
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Premiere nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Hotel Premiere se afla in partea de est a orasului Bucuresti, in vecinatatea hypermarket-ului Cora Pantelimon, cu acces direct la Autostrada Soarelui A1 si la Centura Bucurestiului. Hotelul are o arhitectura moderna, oferind spatii de cazare confortabile si reprezinta o locatie ideala pentru turismul de afaceri.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


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1 septembrie 2019 08:41

3 star hotel very nice receptionists
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21 iulie 2018 21:08

Big room, close to the metro station. Small parking area. I arrived around one pm and the lady which appeared in the reception area from an office next to reception told me to come at two pm without giving me any reasons, apart from the one that, two pm is check-in hour. They didn't care that i'm coming after six hours of driving and was winter outside. I stayed in the car one hour because of this.
The owner of the hotel was a nice guy though and a great person to have a good conversation.
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21 februarie 2018 10:59

Nice hotel with clean rooms and amazing food. The staff is really friendly as well.
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6 iulie 2018 22:39

When i have arrived they told me 187 lei for 1 room with a single bed ! I have put on the table 200 lei , and for 1 second i didnt saw what the receptionist did with 100 lei... She told me 100 lei more... I know that because i have hade a fix amount of money...

Don't recommend this place...
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1 ianuarie 2018 19:41

Nive and comfortable hotel in Bucharest. Clean and warm. Waiters and concierge are gentle and willfull to help and keep guests welcome. Suggested.
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