Pata Negra

Strada Washington 11, Victoriei, București

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Pata Negra Copas y Tapas este un restaurant cu specific spaniol creat cu dragoste, bucurie, pasiune si mult entuziasm de Angi si Gabi, un cuplu de romani reintors in tara, cu dor, dupa aproape 20 de ani. Incarcati cu emotii, sentimente si pasiuni tipic spaniole, s-au intors in Romania sa ne potoleasca si noua, macar un pic, dorul de Spania.

Au inventat Pata Negra Copas y Tapas, care este mai mult decat un restaurant.
Pata Negra te va inspira sa cauti si tu si sa regasesti bucuria vietii. Nu te astepta sa ai o revelatie, dar asteapta-te sa o descoperi in lucrurile simple.

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Pata Negra"

George Mucibabici
25 septembrie 2017 14:24

Hands down one of the best Spanish food (including tapas) place in town. Very romantic atmosphere indoors. Outdoor seating available, weather permitting. Food is absolutely delicious, plating looks great, wait staff was knowledgeable, the overall service was good, and the meal highly enjoyable as an experience. Highly recommend!
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Alex Jax
20 octombrie 2017 22:20

This is most certainly one if the exquisite places to dine and enjoy amazing food in Bucharest. You won't regret it. Thanks Pata Negra
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DomiNiquezzz77 Dom
3 octombrie 2017 22:42

Yes! Great food, great service, great ingredients! It is one of the few great restaurants that still values quality and client satisfaction, in a city that lately lost it's appetite for quality, opting instead for appearence.
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Mirela Simion
5 octombrie 2017 12:23

Excellent service ~ excellent food
They really care about the customer and deserve 5 stars
Pretty much all the food looks fancy, delicious
The prices are raised probably because of the service
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Doru Todorut
5 iulie 2017 23:35

Perfect place for a romantic evening or for anniversaries. Best Spanish cuisine in town! Anything you can imagine: tapas, jamon, seafood, salads, beef, paella etc. Great service and very friendly owners couple. I recommend it!
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