Strada Valea Oltului 117A, Drumul Taberei, București
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Restaurant Pensiune Passion Bucuresti va ofera posibilitatea de a petrece timpul intr-o ambianta deosebita, fiind locul ideal pentru orice fel de intalnire, eveniment festiv (nunta, botez, petreceri, aniversari).

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Razvan Dinu
20 iulie 2019 15:28

Good area and food. Overall a great place, with a lot of open space and friendly staff.
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Diana Ilie
25 aprilie 2019 13:02

Horrible food, I had a chicken soup and it was tasteless water with a shadow of chicken, noodles and carrots. Then I had the crispy wings. The wings were clearly not fresh at all, they were boiled before fried and tasted horrible. Their food is not fresh and not at all tasty. I do not recommend this place at all. The only reason there is a star here is for the orange juice. That's all.
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Maria Claudia Diaconeasa
17 iunie 2019 22:46

Nice, quiet place. The waiter was kind of cranky, but you can skip that if you have nice company.
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T. Marius
1 aprilie 2019 17:18

Delicious food, nice waiters, excellent service, best place for a wedding!
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Sorin Verescu
11 septembrie 2018 08:50

Great place. This is the location where we had our weeding. Extremely satisfied of everything. Also a very good place to eat well and nice food. Highly recommend
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