Nexus Club & Bar

Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 37, Centru, București

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Locul unde gasesti imbinarea perfecta dintre cafenea, jocuri de societate si internet cafe.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


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afro seba_chan
18 februarie 2018 23:24

The friendliest crew you'll ever find all "seasoned" with an awesome music playlist and lots of fun.
If your are a hardcore gamer , a casual one or you're just want a place to chill and make some friends while you slowly sip from your coffee in from of some gaming stream, then this is the place for you!
The pub also provides some fun board games so that you don't get bored; but believe me, boredom is out of the context at Nexus Gamers Pub. Totally love this place!
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Cosmin Bury
14 ianuarie 2018 14:58

A very nice gaming pub, one of the oldest and still standing gaming places.
The prices are decent, the staff is excellent.
A smoking area would be nice, but since the pub is small enough that a trip outside is not a big inconvenience.
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Andrei Haraidon
22 februarie 2018 11:43

Great atmosphere and great computers at a great price. They also have board games.
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Radu Dunarentu
16 decembrie 2017 17:48

Nice place, good music. Doesn't has food and it's a little bit expensive. Hot bartender :)
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Vlad Cioceanu
2 februarie 2018 09:24

It is a great value for money 6 lei/ hour on a i5 gtx 960 pc and Vip is 10 lei /hour playing on a gtx 1080
It is also a great place to meet up woth friends and play board games.
For me it is the best gaming pub in town.
They dont have the fastest (they are still fast and you can play a lot of games maxed out at 60-100 fps) but they have the best athmosphere staff is also really good.
I would go to another gaming Pub only if this place is booked out.
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