Strada Intre Garle 7, Tineretului, București

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Miau este casa pisicilor deschisa tuturor oamenilor care vor sa le cunoasca si sa le iubeasca.
Miau s-a nascut din iubirea noastra pentru pisici si din dorinta de a ajuta cat mai multe din ele, oferindu-le un spatiu cald unde sa fie iubite, ingrijite si socializate pentru ca mai apoi sa fie adoptate de oameni responsabili.
Va asteptam sa le vizitati, sa petreceti timpul in compania lor si chiar sa le luati acasa daca sunteti pregatit si indepliniti conditiile de adoptie.
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Păreri despre "Miau"

EZ Mode
24 octombrie 2018 09:34

Amazing place. A bit raggedy looking but if you look beyond the aesthetics of the place, you will find the most wonderful of people whom do not care about the financial side of the business and care more about the cats. You can also adopt a kitten if you wish after a short interview with the owners (they do that to make sure that you will take care of the cat after you adopt). All cats are vaccinated and neutered with a clean bill of health.
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2 septembrie 2018 16:35

This place is really nice and has a new theme in Bucharest. It's a bit hidden, but once you get there, you will love the atmosphere. The place is cozy and there are a lot of drinks, from lemonades to smoothies to different kinds of teas to alcoholic cocktails. But the fun part are the cats. They are so fluffy and adorable, they like to be petted and they like to play with toys. There are tables both inside and outside. Outside there are many kittens and they will stay in your lap while you pet them on the head and drink your lemonade. The fruits are fresh but the place is usually crowded and it takes a lot of time to make the drinks. There are many cat houses around the place and the cats have a special private bathroom. In this place you can adopt cats. This is their main purpose, to find a permanent home for the cats and there are many of them, each with their own personality. I went there because I heard about it on TV and I liked the place a lot. It's nice for the kids, because they usually like to play with animals, but definitely don't come here if you are allergic to cats or fur or anything like that. And also don't come here with your dog or other animal. It's a nice place that can be highlighted more. Come here, order a drink, pet a cat and be happy! =)
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Valentin Dumitriuc
11 octombrie 2018 19:01

A lot of cats, most of them friendly, we narrowly avoided adopting one very cute cub on the spot. Some cats will even come to sleep beside you. As a cafe, it is not the most facy place, but it is very relaxing, and one would argue that it's the cats that bring this place its unique charm.
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Pana Mihnea
4 iulie 2018 20:45

Miau cafe is a great place! The staff and the cats here are great. Outdoor seating is available here, so you sure can enjoy a coffee with a cat on your lap outside. As of July 2018 outside are mostly kittens and a really cute dog. Inside are older, mature cats that will surely enjoy spending time with you!
When it comes to coffee the coffee shop lives up its expectations, also lemonade its great here.
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Adrian Bucur
4 noiembrie 2018 17:57

There are a lot of cats and you can play with them. Nice experience even if I'm not a cats fan. 🙂
I think the place should be a little bit cleaner...
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