Maroon Bistro Café

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Nerva Traian 11, Vitan, București

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O atmosfera calda si prietenoasa...

Un paradis pentru cei ce își doresc o experiență culinară aparte, dar și pentru pasionații de cocktail-uri și specialități pe bază de cafea. Locația a fost amenajată cu multă migală și realizată în cele mai mici detalii duse până la extrem.

Maroon Bistro Café definește îmbinarea armonioasă a eleganței specifice stilului baroc cu maiestuozitatea stilului aristocrat.

Datorită serviciilor profesionale, preparatelor culinare savuroase, amenajării elegante și accesoriilor de calitate superioară, Maroon Bistro Café oferă clienților săi o experiență la cele mai înalte standarde.

La MAROON Bistro Café, bucătăria este o artă!

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Tunde Ogu
11 aprilie 2019 03:14

Exquisite restaurant that will not break the bank even though it looks top notch.
The food here is finely sourced from Italy and beautifully presented on your plate.
The waiters are courteous and nice. You can pay with card here.
The inside and outside looks very prestige.
Try it out, you’ll be glad you went in
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Oana Oana
23 aprilie 2019 21:21

I really like this place. Diverse and good food ( especially pasta made in fresh parmesan) very friendly stuff.
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globe trotter
12 aprilie 2019 22:31

Great quality rib eye steak and grilled vegetables. Spaghetti carabonara average. Helpful waiter, but you have to go through a cloud of cigarette smoke before you get to the nonsmoking area, which is stuffy and hot and still smells of tobacco
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Veronica Panita
12 ianuarie 2019 08:12

This is a great place for business lunch / dinner, and not only. The business casual atmosphere makes it fit for any social gathering.

I was impressed by the service, the staff being well prepared, very presentable and positive. The food choices vary from excellent meat options to vegetarian choices, and I think it can easily cover pretty much every diet option. It is a good option for wine lovers. Prices are medium to high, but it depends on your choice of food&drinks, I think it is manageable either way.

From space point of view there is the option of staying indoors or on the covered terrace for smokers, which is heated, but nevertheless nicely arranged.

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Alex Grefu
27 aprilie 2019 15:15

Friendly staff, good wine and tasty food.
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