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Strada Ioan Zalomit 2, Cișmigiu, București

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A pub in the centre of Bucharest. Beer, books, tiny gigs, exhibitions and nice people are the things you find here.

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16:30 - 01:00


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I Ioana
11 septembrie 2018 11:04 Rezervat în data de 10 septembrie 2018

16 februarie 2020 20:09

This was a crazy little place. So much fun. I am not sure they have drumming circles and jamming session every night but they did when I was there and I loved it. Such a chilled vibe which was fun to watch.
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14 septembrie 2019 14:50

The absolute best place for a cozy winter get-together over beers & booze. Hits the sad London mood perfectly, has frequent concerts & events featuring underground bands and the staff is always friendly. Don't miss out on this experience.
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3 august 2018 13:15

Cozy and beautiful. Great place to relax and enjoy yourself while attending an event. Or just read a book from one of the shelves and have a hot cocoa.
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3 ianuarie 2020 11:38

A very nice underground place. It hosts really good concerts.
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3 ianuarie 2020 20:00

Love the manele parties out there!
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