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Strada Ioan Zalomit 2, Romană, București

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A pub in the centre of Bucharest. Beer, books, tiny gigs, exhibitions and nice people are the things you find here.

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Matei Ionita
5 ianuarie 2019 18:42

Intimate place, good for conversations in small groups. Laid back. Many options for drinks, but not all of them are obvious. Some crafts, some commerical beers. Very red, very Beatles, very cold in January. Some books, some teas. Escapism.
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Ioan Elian
12 ianuarie 2019 12:28

In order to enter you need to go down the stairs and the door is on the right . Really friendly staff , really cozy and gives good vibes all the people here are friendly . The drinks are great , the music is good. It has an outside area for smoking. The drinks are ordered at the bar .
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Gabriel USE
27 ianuarie 2019 02:22

A very nice hipsterish bar in an old cellar.
The good parts:
1) the interior design is nice, not something very fancy or expensive
2) here you can serve local craft beer (when I got here, half of the beer menu was not avaiable)
3) the staff is nice
4) local rock bands having concerts inside this small cellar
The bad parts:
1) the air in the bathroom smells like mold
2) I know the bar is in the basement, but the mold smelling air is very present here, which takes me to the conclusion that the ventilation system is not working or there is no ventilation system -this is the reason the bar gets 4 stars and not 5 from me
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Dan Tentiuc
4 februarie 2019 00:16

Great, cozy place. Pretty quiet and with a distinct vibe
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Gabriel Andrei
29 noiembrie 2018 13:38

A little bit of focus added regarding service wouldn't hurt, also make sure you have all it takes for mulled wine since it's so popular in the cold season. Moreover refurbishing a bit anytime now and then could prove a winning customer success move.
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