Stefan cel Mare 26, Ștefan cel Mare, București
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LI-WU, lant international de restaurante vietnameze, promoaveaza bucataria vietnameza si in Romania venind in intampinarea dumneavoastra cu o varietate de preparate sanatoase ce respecta retetele vechi de mii de ani oferindu-va o calitate nutritionala prin ingredientele proaspete si de calitate pe care le foloseste.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 22:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
11:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Li-Wu"

Victor Toriani
14 aprilie 2019 15:43

Poor place. Excellent food. Good services.

Our rating is:

* Services 2/3
* Place 1/3
* Food 3/3
* WOW Effect 3/3
* Price - Low

3 - Excellent
2 - Good
1 - Poor
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Rebeca Stanca
24 martie 2019 15:06

Fast and cheap re-imagining of Vietnamese food. And it's tasty af, the Vietnamese staff is friendly, and it's cheap to boot.

Me, on any given day: 'Sure it's not 100% authentic, but I'm hungry and this tastes delicious.'
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Sergiu Constantin Bobea
2 mai 2019 20:28

If you no longer have a delivery system, take it out of your webpage so I don't waste my time.
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Alin Sfetcu
20 noiembrie 2018 22:37

A year ago they had great food, I was there again the other day and oh boy, let say I'll avoid it from now on. Two of the Vietnamese employees we're eating something else which looked great but was not in the menu so the capability to cook good food is there.
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Roxana Panait
2 mai 2019 00:29

Tasty food. Good prices!
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