Gabroveni 61, Centrul Vechi, București

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Rezervă gratuit la Li-Wu

LI-WU, lant international de restaurante vietnameze, promoaveaza bucataria vietnameza si in Romania venind in intampinarea dumneavoastra cu o varietate de preparate sanatoase ce respecta retetele vechi de mii de ani oferindu-va o calitate nutritionala prin ingredientele proaspete si de calitate pe care le foloseste.

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Luni - Duminică
10:30 - 22:30


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18 februarie 2020 17:59

I had two chicken curry with rice and eat them in one sweep,it was that good 😅😅
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23 februarie 2020 16:00

Very fast food-ish but everything I tried so far was very good. The Vietnamese duck is fabulous (I don't know how authentic it is, but who cares?) And the prices are very reasonable.
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1 august 2017 14:18

Fresh food, made to order.
Very friendly staff, that greets you with a smile, and service in English, Romanian, and Vietnamese.....
Easy access in the heart of downtown.
Full restaurant ( and I understand why).
Absolutely delicious, I can't wait to return.....
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28 februarie 2020 20:08

It's good as a fast food place to go, though for a couple of times only.
Meals do not remind me of those I tried in Vietnam at all! For example, PhoGa soup is too oilly/fat and salty.
Service is good and fast though. Staff there is friendly and speaks English too.
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9 ianuarie 2019 16:49

They have a very nice soup for only 5 or 6 lei and other dishes at good prices with decent veggies
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