Gabroveni 61, Centrul vechi, București

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LI-WU, lant international de restaurante vietnameze, promoaveaza bucataria vietnameza si in Romania venind in intampinarea dumneavoastra cu o varietate de preparate sanatoase ce respecta retetele vechi de mii de ani oferindu-va o calitate nutritionala prin ingredientele proaspete si de calitate pe care le foloseste.

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Luni - Duminică
10:30 - 22:30


Păreri despre "Li-Wu"

Avi Mutach
25 noiembrie 2018 10:05

An OK food, low prices.
The place is clean and well organized. You've got tens of dishes to choose from. No English menus, you have to trust the photos and you intuition to choose a dish of your liking.
The food is cooked pretty fast. It's not bad but no too good either.
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Miri Dinescu
22 ianuarie 2019 16:50

Very tasty food, a little bit spicy, but you could feel all the flavours. I ordered vietnamese chicken and I really liked it.
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Rebeca Stanca
10 decembrie 2018 19:19

Li Wu is one of those places that I always return to with a smile. I doubt the food is 100% authentic, but it's delicious and heartwarming.

And while I can't really identify someone as Vietnamese at a glance, I have seen several Asian people eating there. So, maybe the food is close enough to home?
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Emanuel Știuler
9 ianuarie 2019 16:49

They have a very nice soup for only 5 or 6 lei and other dishes at good prices with decent veggies
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Andrei Raducanu
2 noiembrie 2018 16:08

Love this food and it has decent prices (it is also made on the spot). What i don't like is that even of they close at 22:00, after 21:30 yoi can't buy food any more. Also, their noodles are sometimes less tasty than usual. This being said, i don't think it's enough to give them 4 stars. Do reccommend.
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