Gabroveni 61, Centrul vechi, București

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LI-WU, lant international de restaurante vietnameze, promoaveaza bucataria vietnameza si in Romania venind in intampinarea dumneavoastra cu o varietate de preparate sanatoase ce respecta retetele vechi de mii de ani oferindu-va o calitate nutritionala prin ingredientele proaspete si de calitate pe care le foloseste.

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Păreri despre "Li-Wu"

dan ruget
24 februarie 2019 17:24

Love it! I always return here for the food. I am visiting this place since it opened and the quality remained the same, which I appreciate a lot. The prices are good and the menus (with a beverage) are worth the money. You gotta try the beef in no matter which menu. The place has a good size and it is rather suitable for a couple or two, not larger groups. It does have a small restroom and is pretty clean. Good street-front location which makes it accessible.
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Avi Mutach
25 noiembrie 2018 10:05

An OK food, low prices.
The place is clean and well organized. You've got tens of dishes to choose from. No English menus, you have to trust the photos and you intuition to choose a dish of your liking.
The food is cooked pretty fast. It's not bad but no too good either.
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Cristina Barbu
7 martie 2019 01:45

Great food. It is prepared very fast. Is one of Bucharest places where you can find aforfable, tasty meals.
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Alina Gafu
28 martie 2019 21:06

Good Vietnamese cuisine. I would appreciate more vegetarian food.
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Costin Alexandru
20 martie 2019 13:25

The food and the prices are ok compared to other restaurants in the area. The only issues I have with this place are that the food should not be served in china, combined with the fact that the place looks a bit dirty, you tend to believe that the plates in which the food is served are the same and the company should hire staff that speaks english or the local language. It's a bit difficult to understand what the employees are saying.
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