La Plage Club

La Plage Club nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Preț Accesibil
Șoseaua Odăii 26-30, București

La Plage Club

Preț Accesibil
Șoseaua Odăii 26-30, București
La Plage Club nu acceptă rezervări online prin
LaPlage Club va ofera locul si cadrul perfect pentru fiecare moment unic din viata ta. Pentru orice petrecere privata (intalniri de afaceri, serate, aniversari), sau alt evenimet deosebit, echipa noastra va invita cu drag in lumea unica a plajelor exotice, fiind alaturi de dumneavoastra pe intreg parcursul evenimentului. Pe nisip, pe terasa sau in club, ziua sau noaptea, organizam cu atentie oric...e eveniment pentru momente unice ce vor ramane de neuitat!

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


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30 iulie 2022 23:35

Expensive for what they offer, 130 ron for a sunbed, and if you’re not early, you can’t get an umbrella.
The music is too loud, you can’t have a conversation. Too many people drunk and high in the middle of the day.
No changing rooms, and the bathroom and showers weren’t cleaned.
Very bad experience overall.
One stars for the pool itself.
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17 iulie 2022 18:59

Nice pool and place but the music extremely loud.
You can’t have a conversation without screaming. Going to the pool should be a relaxing experience not a place where u go to leave with a headache.
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6 august 2022 17:34

Very unpleasant experience. I ve had a meal prep with me because i m getting ready for a bodybuilding competition and the manager told me that i cannot eat it there and to only order the meals from them and when i said i can go to the car to do it, they said it s ok like that. Plus, people were eating yogurts from lidl and having starbucks, but i cant eat my beans and chicken because its forbidden.
The manager talked to me like i am some poor person that cant afford eating them, and i ve told them that if the restaurant can measure the beans and the chicken, it s ok and i will order. They haven’t said it s possible, just to discuss it before entering. Except they dont really have what i need.

Another - is that their site is not actualized or it s just a lame excuse to pay another 50 lei per person(not 70/75-130) which i havent complained, i just decided to add it here after the first experience.
They told me to check the ig or fb, where they dont have pricings.

The only + was the guy serving me, that apologized multiple times because of what the manager told me.
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23 iulie 2022 13:13

Very expensive compared to the prices from their website - advertised as 75 lei for a sun bed, actually you have to pay 130 (so almost double). Also there is no changing rooms, you have to change in the showers / restrooms. Really bad experience overall.
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4 iulie 2022 08:37

Very expensive kitch looking like, not enough umbrellas you will pay $60 for 2 people and you will not get at least an umbrella to cover from 40 degrees sun. I think is way too expensive for what offers, a baldachin for 2 is...almost $100/ day!!!
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