La Plăcinte

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Bd. Ion C. Brătianu 10, Centrul vechi, București
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La Plăcinte este un restaurant localizat la adresa Bd. Ion C. Brătianu numărul 10. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La La Plăcinte te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific românesc sau moldovenesc sau urban.

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nyu yun
9 ianuarie 2019 18:24

Nice place with tasty Romanian traditional food, medium-priced, centrally located. The door doesn't close completely, so it was a bit cold at the front-door tables. But we still had a good time.
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sheila gera
8 ianuarie 2019 11:03

Home and gourmet food together. Excellent service. Very hot and delicious food. Very reasonable price. Very pleasant atmosphere. Highly recommended from Yoav and Tatiana.
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Omar Alhumaidi
31 decembrie 2018 10:56

The food is great!!! A must stop if you in Bucharest. Just need to work on the service a bit and would be perfect.
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Horatiu Popescu
26 noiembrie 2018 11:33

Food as tasty as in every "La Plăcinte" restaurant, the waiter was really nice and helpful, but this place must be the dirtiest"La Plăcinte" restaurant i've ever been to. The fact that is in the city centre and it's a very crowded place is not an excuse though. They should keep some standards, as it's a pity...
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Emre Tanrıverdi
11 noiembrie 2018 17:58

Don't go there if you are not Romanian. We were gonna meet with a Romanian friend. We went in and asked for a place beforehand, they said they don't have a place. I asked if they are sure, because it was pretty empty inside. The waitress shouted at me saying "Even if there was a place, it would take at least one hour for me to serve to you. It's very crowded." which is a huge lie. It was empty inside. Also I hate to add this but nothing was wrong with me and my friend's appearance. We are Europeans with a decent English accent and we traveled many European countries before.

2 minutes later my friend came and when he asked if they have a place 'in Romanian language', they said they have many places. They definitely don't want to serve non-Romanians and/or any tourist.

Therefore I don't recommend here, not at all.
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