La Gil

Preț Moderat
Aerogării 21, Băneasa, București

La Gil

Preț Moderat
Aerogării 21, Băneasa, București
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La Gil este un restaurant localizat la adresa Aerogării numărul 21. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La La Gil te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific tradițional românesc.

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10:00 - 23:00


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14 septembrie 2021 21:43

I walked in after 10 hours of work. I asked for the bathroom and they let me go with a smile on their faces. Didn't have to buy anything, didn't have to look like I wasn't homeless. So yeah, I'm giving this 5 star just for that great humanely hospitality you don't see anymore.
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13 ianuarie 2021 05:27

Very good food, great customer service and good prices
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9 mai 2021 15:12

Big like, food accessible prices as decent as possible
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19 iulie 2021 01:31

July 2021 Update

2 stars - eat here only if you have to

We come here from time to time because it's open till midnight 1.30 am) and the menu "mici cu cartofi prajiti" is very good.

Today we arrive at 23 15 and had the surprise that the waiter (is a she) told us that we have to hurry because she will end the program at 24.00.
Not to mention that we had to pay in advance. Nothing catastrophic, but the experience was awful, a lot of non verbal aggression.

The food was acceptable but not the same quality we expected based on our precedent visit.
Also the cleaninness was not as it used to be.
I lower the number of stars to 2.

22 sept 2019
The same good food. The same nice place to eat.

I come back to my review because I eat many time here since my original review. Every single time the food was good, very good.
I had a surprise with a brilliant tiramisu, original and delicious. It was clearly prepared in house. Very rare occasion to eat such a beautiful sweet in Bucharest and definitely not at this price.
Today I had another surprise. The common 'ciorba de fasole cu afumatura', a Romanian classic (sour soup with beans and ham) was a wonder. Not what I expected, the standard taste of boiled beans and the heavy aroma of smoked pork, what I eat today had a delicate taste of fresh aromatic romanian herbs ('leustean' had probably no translation, it gives the specific fresh taste for all Romanian ciorba - sour soup) mixed in very inspired way with the boiled beans taste. In top of this, the smoked pork was not overboiled, and completed this taste symfony like I never eat from such a ciorba.
The chef is a genius. Hope it will stay here and not go to another restaurant.

Good food, nice people, but not cosy. If you want to eat well, definetely a place to go
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9 iulie 2020 01:29

Food is diversified. Nice and big terrace and restaurant. Staff is very polite, prices are reasonable. Not a bad place to have a meal.
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