La Cocoșatu'

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Neagoe Voda 52A, Băneasa, București

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Deschis în anul 1993 de Dl. Ion Oiță, restaurantul „La Cocoșatu” a devenit repede un punct de de reper pe harta restaurantelor din București datorită micilor .

Restaurantul vă pune la dispoziție 3 saloane din care unul pentru nefumători dar si o terasă pentru cei ce se grăbesc și vor sa mănânce mici.

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Luni - Duminică
11:00 - 23:45


Păreri despre "La Cocoșatu'"

Andreea Constantinescu
19 aprilie 2019 23:37

Food is fresh and delicious, and the service is very good. One of our favourite places to eat.
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Elisabeta Kozak
20 aprilie 2019 17:31

The place is nice and cosy, clean and they have one of the best "mici" in the city. The 3 stars rating is because we had an unprofessional waiter who also overcharged our bill with items we did not order or consume. Fortunately, we did manage to sort out the slip and we didn't have to pay for the extra items.
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Ioan-Petre Danalache
16 martie 2019 14:00

Been there for the "little ones" - "mici". They are served fast and simple. With bread and mustard, you can eat at the outside tables in front of the restaurant.
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Daniel Draguna
24 februarie 2019 14:18

This place has a long history and it was alternatively good and bad along the way.
Now it's good again.
Clean, smells good, good service and excelent food.
Well nothing sophisticated but the "mici" which is what the place is renowned for, are perfect.
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Mihai Krieger
9 martie 2019 13:18

We came for mici. We were not disappointed. Also, the waiters are great.
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