King Rolls

Calea Vitan 17A, Vitan, București

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King Rolls este un concept de healthy-food care a creat o abordare sanatoasa si echilibrata din punct de vedere nutritional fata de kebab-ul traditional.
Produsele noastre sunt preparare din ingrediente de calitate exclusive pentru restaurantele King Rolls. Gustul excelent provine din SOSURILE SECRETE care ne disting produsele, de concurentii nostri.
Folosim 100% carne suculenta de vitel si carne pura de curcan. Aceasta este importata din Italia si este de cea mai inalta calitate conform normelor UE. Folosim numai legume proaspete, produse local, impreuna cu painea speciala “King Rolls". Acestea fac din “King Rolls" o experienta culinara cu adevarat unica pentru clientii nostri.

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Daniel Dinu
18 octombrie 2018 12:28

Great rolls. I absolutely love all of them (except the vegetarian one which I haven't tried).
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Roxie Pandrea
25 noiembrie 2018 15:53

Lovely place, great food , big portions and very friendly staff. Highly recommended!
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Adrian Grosaru
21 iunie 2018 12:31

A very pleasant experience from beginning to end. The food was absolutely great tasting and the mushroom or broccoli soups we had were beyond this world! Well done with the mouth watering soups, guys! Being vegetarian we were not expecting to find many suitable options, but we were totally wrong about that at King Rolls. Highly recommended!
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Halal Guda
5 iulie 2018 17:27

This place stands out. It is clean, friendly service, and much better than average food for the price. I tried royal king and the taste was “something else”.
This is a great place!
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Mia Niculescu
11 noiembrie 2018 16:49

Bad service from what it usted to be when they opened. Employee messed up the order, did not apologized, was not weeling to redo it. The cashier frowned and loudly commented ' acum te ai gasit sa suni si tu!' To the online order she recived, even tho the place was empty. Everything was extra salty. At least is clean. Dissapointed. Months ago emploeyes were friendly and the food was delicious. .
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