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Profesor Doctor Ion Cantacuzino 8, Aviatorilor, București

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Aflat în inima Bucureștiului, într-o casă cu istorie și dichis, redecorată într-un stil modern, restaurantul JOSEPH va surprinde gurmanzii cu un meniu gândit integral și pregătit minuțios de chef Joseph Hadad.

Meniul cuprinde specialități din bucătăria rece: de la pate de ficat de gâscă cu trufe marinate și sashimi de somon, până la carpaccio de caracatiță și salată de rață confiată cu andive; din bucătăria caldă: de la scoici Saint Jacques și homar cu risotto, până la coroana de miel și file de vită cu ficat de rață.

De asemenea, meniul are și o linie de desert unică, cu preparate special create de chef Hadad, pentru a da o notă extrem de personală.

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Anthony Silas
9 mai 2018 15:13

Bucharest is really working to up the quality level of food here.. since I'm here at least once a year, it really makes me happy that are more and more places I enjoy eating at. (Besides my wife's mother's cooking.) Well done!
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Terje Riksaasen
20 aprilie 2018 08:53

Nice food, beautifully prepared. Not far from a Michelin Star. The staff could be more engaged in presenting the food. And a restaurant like this should have a set menu, I think.
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Ezada Sinn
28 februarie 2018 17:52

I had high expectations based on the reviews. The table was tiny. Not appropiate for 3 people. The light very unpleasant. They had a new menu. We took first course, second and dessert. The dessert was the only dish that impressed us. 700 lei for 3 people (with a glass of wine each).
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Jarek Kowalski
15 februarie 2018 11:57

Interesting food. Well trained staff. Good selection of mezze. And nice wine to wash it.. I recommend.
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Andrei Balan
11 aprilie 2018 19:29

Fantastic restaurant, delicious food/fine dining/haute cuisine, luxury restaurant, pleasant atmosfhede, excelent service including parking valet, great choice of food and drinks.
It's in a central area, close to the best hotels, clubs, main roads, including the airport (approximately 20-30 minutes).
The arhitecture is stunning, the place was built in the early 20th century), but the furniture looks custom made and it's in a perfect form.
The waiters are always ready to take your order and eager to bring it to you. Aswell, they would do anything keep your comfort level at top, for example, change the ashtrays, the silverware cutterly etc.
The food is one of the best in town, served with a special design each, very appealing. Delicious aswell. The prices are small considering the quality and the rarity of the food there, for ecample fois gras is around 12€. The drinks are made with quality alcohol, great tasted, very equilibriumed.
The atmosphere is one of a kind, music in the backround, not too loud but you can still hear it, improves your mood and the talks. Aswell, you have a lot of privacy.
Totally recommend it.
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