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Preț Moderat
Soul, Internațională
Nicolae Paulescu 61, Cotroceni, București
Preț Moderat
Soul, Internațională
Nicolae Paulescu 61, Cotroceni, București
Joie de Vivre nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Suntem o ceainărie & mini-bistro unde bunul gust este la el acasă. Dorim să încântăm simțurile oaspeților noștri cu ceaiuri uimitoare aduse din meleaguri îndepărtate, precum și cu specialități culinare delicioase, inspirate de bucătării din întreaga lume.

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Povești cu miros de tei și caprifoi

În Cotroceni ești copleșit de aerul fiecărei povești țesute cu grijă, printre grădini de caprifoi, tei înfloriți și oameni, dar mai ales de pasiunea antreprenorilor deținători ale poveștilor cu miros de tei și caprifoi.

Cumpără de la tine din cartier
Cumpără de la tine din cartier.

Cumpără din Bucureștiul Întreprinzător.

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A Alina
13 august 2018 10:49 Rezervat în data de 12 august 2018

Oribil, terasa neingrijita, un baiat pe post de chelner obosit care ne-a intins unicele doua perne sa ni le aranjam singuri ca sa putem lua loc in gradina pustie. Oribillllll

S Stefan
10 ianuarie 2017 10:19 Rezervat în data de 8 ianuarie 2017

D Dan
3 septembrie 2016 20:23 Rezervat în data de 2 septembrie 2016

D Dana
12 august 2016 10:45 Rezervat în data de 10 august 2016

3 iunie 2021 10:16

Amazing place for breakfast, the poached eggs were perfect and if you are into coffee this is the place to be. They have a nice fancy garden in the back and the location is quiet enough, well to honest Cotroceni is quiet in general. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and the location is excellent. A must go early in the morning when it is not crowded!
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24 aprilie 2021 12:22

Nice atmosphere, great coffee, awesome customer service! Cool gem!
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26 aprilie 2021 20:57

The place is nicely situated, on top of a little hill in quiet Cotroceni. The coffee was good and came fast. We went on a sunny Sunday morning.
Bur that's about it. Don't go here if you want to have brunch. While what's on the menu sounds nice and are well-know recipes, you receive something more appropriate for a side of the road place in deep Romania. The ingredients look as sourced by a hungry student from the corner shop.
Everything is served on paper plates (yes, you read that right) and with plastic cutlery. When asked for metal ones, the waitress came back telling me that she didn't know they had them😆.
There were 4-5 (special) french breakfast options, all priced 26-29 lei.
We ordered french omlettes & croque monsieur but received two slices of disappointment.
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25 aprilie 2021 10:38

Disappointing French menu. The croque madame and croque monsieur had nothing to do with the real thing. Just some slices of bread put on top of one another, with regular pork ham and some cheese (something you would rapidly prepare at home yourself). So why bother going out and eating the same thing you can also make at home? I had high expectations regarding the food, because the previous menu looked delicious in the photos.
The bread was toasted, but had no taste whatsoever-French people prepare it with butter in a pan.
It was served with French fries, and I doubt that this is the correct side to choose for croque.
It's too bad, because the staff was really friendly, place was great, in a beautiful neighbourhood, weather was just fine.
Maybe they just need to reconsider their cook.
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28 februarie 2021 20:26

They serve very good coffee IMO, the terrace is cool and their staff is super friendly 👍
I would recommend this place to anyone for a great coffee.
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