Irish Pub "The Harp"

Str. Bibescu Vodă nr. 1 1, Centru, București

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R Roham
21 ianuarie 2017 22:09 Rezervat în data de 20 ianuarie 2017 prin

We were like 14 people there and we enjoyed a lot! I been there like a lot and I really like the place! Totally recommend it

Denis Ivanov
29 octombrie 2017 18:28

Nice interior. The burgers are very good. A bit pricey and we waited a long time for our order although there were almost no other customers.
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Emil Florin Ivan
10 noiembrie 2017 15:45

Nice view and atmosphere, but the music could be a little bit loud at times.
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Mugur Popescu
13 noiembrie 2017 10:27

Nice place, good food and service. Very cozy, but not cheap at all.
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Steven Huyens
7 octombrie 2017 17:53

Authentic interior. The food is delicious. Portions are big. The Royal burger is incredible, though don't go for it if you are not a gorgonzola fan. The staff is ok I guess.
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smriti kurian
5 august 2017 10:59

Location is great.. Food is awesome.. Had the cottage pie.. However went for dinner on an extremely hot night and they did not have air conditioning.. Wasn't very comfortable..
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