Il Tempio del Gusto

Doctor Carol Davila 56, Cotroceni, București

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Il Tempio del Gusto este un restaurant localizat la adresa Doctor Carol Davila numărul 56. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 00:00.

La Il Tempio del Gusto te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific italian sau american.

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Vladimir Negoita
13 decembrie 2018 09:02

One of the best cannolo I've tried.
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Samuel Haret
11 martie 2018 23:52

I loved my visit there. It wasn't only the great service and the attention of the staff, which made me/us feel like we were important to them (which is how you should feel every time you go out to have a pleasant experience), but the food... oh my God the food. 

I had pasta, and it was absolutely delicious! My friends also had pasta, although different menu choices, and they were also delighted. Not to mention they had previously tried the pizza and apparently that's also gorgeous. 

I had my dish with a red wine that was full of flavor, honestly one of the best red wines I've had lately.

The deserts were stunning as well. We had a presentation of all the options before we had to choose, and it was most welcome. All three of us had different choices, and we were very pleased with all of them! 

I would most definitely recommend and I will more than likely go back!
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stefano donna
25 septembrie 2018 22:21

Sicilian food, always fresh fish. And what i could say about cannoli siciliani? They are wonderful, a piece of Sicily in Romania
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Ana-Maria Jennifer Anghel
23 mai 2018 21:48

Came here at a friend's recommendation for authentic Italian pizza, and totally loved it. I was surprised to find those traditional recipes plus many others of Mediterranean origin. They also had the coperto: free water and snacks until your food is ready (which didn't take much) and gave us free sherbet after finishing our dish.
The staff was ok, the usual politeness, but nothing extraordinary.
I would certainly come back and try more plates and I recommend others to come try it. It has much to offer on all price ranges and for all taste.
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Mandy Duong
17 mai 2018 21:34

Awful experience. Walked in and waitress totally ignored us. We asked for a table for two, took the longest time just to seat us. I had to ask if we would be seated. The waiter wasn’t occupied with other customers, by the way. My roommate and I are Asian but as we were leaving, the waiter just assumed that we were Japanese and said “Arigatou.” So uncalled for and unprofessional. Not impressed at all by his mediocre Japanese. Did he want me to applaud him? Well no. Awful.
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