Il Tempio del Gusto

Doctor Carol Davila 56, Cotroceni, București

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Il Tempio del Gusto este un restaurant localizat la adresa Doctor Carol Davila numărul 56. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 00:00.

La Il Tempio del Gusto te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific italian sau american.

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Ana Grosu
5 martie 2019 06:49

Nice restaurant with Italian food. Nice and attentive service. The location is rather small so not best for big groups. One thing I did not like is that you don't really have privacy as the tables are very close to each other and everyone can hear everyone else easily.
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Simona Mazilu
11 martie 2019 15:59

Great place for diner or lunch. I highly recommend!
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Marinela Gorea
5 februarie 2019 09:42

Nice restaurant, lovely staff, very friendly. But the food wasn' t that much of a deal: I had a shrimp salad and they gave 4 shrimps :)) yeah 4 little shrimps, green salad apio and some green olives and that dressing nothing..i mean...why guys? The othera guys from the table had some pasta with seafood ( lots of pasta...less sea food) and some chicken with a sauce...common....
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Cosmin Stefan
19 ianuarie 2019 22:10

Good food, rather expensive, good customer care.
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Corneliu Ghica
13 ianuarie 2019 18:49

Excellent Italian food and delicious wine. Very polite and kind waiters.
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