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Strada Doctor Iacob Felix 15, Gara de Nord, București

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Unul dintre cele mai vechi restaurante din Bucuresti , fondat in 1992, este locul ideal unde sa te duci sau sa comanzi pentru a-ți alina o necesitate primara - Foamea! Asta se face cu brio la Restaurantul Ido Memos

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Luni - Duminică
09:00 - 23:45


Păreri despre "Idomemos"

Luiza-Andrada Radulescu
19 noiembrie 2018 14:49

This restaurant it's been there since forever, they kept the same traditional recipe and the same taste regardless the passing of time. While the restaurant was renovated a couple of months ago, it is always animated with people, especially during lunch time. I would recommend it during lunch or for dinner if you are a fan of a good kebab.
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Razvan Zaharia
12 decembrie 2018 16:36

Really good Turkish food. Can be crowded at lunch time. Go for the daily pick. Usually is very good and it's ready in no time.
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Nicu Doca
30 noiembrie 2018 22:04

Genuine place, great meat skewers. Try the lamb ones, they're amazing.
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Oana Anton
16 octombrie 2018 09:53

It has good food. If you like the look of an authentic looking restaurant.
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Iulian I
29 octombrie 2018 15:05

Good food, nice staff...resonable prices!
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