Hanul Vlăsia

Preț Moderat
Românească, Internațională
DN7 , București

Hanul Vlăsia

Preț Moderat
Românească, Internațională
DN7 , București
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Casa Vlasia este un loc nascut din pasiune pentru bucate alese si vinuri nobile. Te asteptam intr-o atmosfera calda si primitoare cu preparate internationale si traditionale romanesti.

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28 septembrie 2022 16:07

-Stray dogs within the restaurant yard.
-Poor service
-Tripe soup was almost watery
-Overall cleanliness was poor
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28 septembrie 2022 19:20

Excellent food and great service. Good for lunch over long trips.
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18 august 2021 22:24

During the morning everything is great. The music is slow, you can have a relaxing time, but after 13 the music is getting louder more people are getting more and more. A little bit crowded. A good place to pass the time with your family and friends.
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27 iulie 2021 13:04

Parking lot is kind of dangerous because it's just near a high speed road.
But the pool is nice and large, lots of room to swim even on a crowded day.
They have a bar with beer and bottled water, and the Vlasia restaurant is near the pool so food is also available (haven't eaten there though).
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20 iunie 2019 13:38

Pit stop !
despite the outside heat, on the terrace is a cool, absolutely unbelievable atmosphere. We had a table there , large and spacious place. The furniture ( tables and chairs ) is cheap and dirty+ sticky . Placement of the tables give some kind of privacy, which is good, considering the quality of the clients..... sorry for being rude.
The service is “country side type “ slow but friendly. Overall the place is “sticky “ type....
Surprisingly the taste of the food is good, of course I don’t want to visit the kitchen.... if the terrace is so sticky .
They have an outside pool with loud music and same type of clients. Prices are decent for this category of restaurant.
I will never come back, but if you are hungry and Bucharest is sunken or in flames, try this place, I’ve seen worst !!!
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