Gio Caffe

Toma Caragiu 3, Centrul vechi, București

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Gio Caffe este un cafe/pub localizat la adresa Toma Caragiu numărul 3. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La Gio Caffe te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific internațional sau american.

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constantin gruescu
22 august 2018 13:45

Good food, nice location, a bit far from daily trafic, fast service.
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Anca Boerasu
27 iulie 2018 19:56

Great food, great place right in the centre of Bucharest 👍 in old city area
Locație bună, mâncare f buna
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Alex Lungu
21 iunie 2018 09:38

Very good food, great prices, excellent serving. Alcohol is a tad on the expensive side
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Siavash Seyedin
27 mai 2018 12:17

We watched the final match of champions league in here. Madrid vs Liverpool. The vibe for watching a soccer game was not good mostly because they reserved front tables for someone who didn't want to watch the game. We had a delicious cheesey penne, salad and beers in here. Food was good. The lady staff was very polite but the guy at the bar is impolite and doesn't know how to behave with customers. Wifi is available in here and you can pay by card also.
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Oskar Woehr
14 iunie 2018 10:06

A little pricey but great location and atmosphere
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