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Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 38, Romană, București

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A reputable location in Bucharest, Gambrinus Beerhouse has a history that begins in 1901.

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nyu yun
29 iunie 2018 17:13

This famous old beer pub re-opened in a refurbished version a couple of years ago, but the funny fatty guy Gambrinus is still watching us :) It's only 3 minutes away from the old city center, right near the main entrance to the beautiful Cismigiu park, on the main Queen Elisabeth Boulevard. Quite ok the variety of food & beverage, prices are medium-high, but it's normal considering the location. The service is quick, the staff is nice. High chairs and tables at the ground floor, a few at the first floor. In summer, some tables are set outdoor on the sidewalk, but I wouldn't recommend them. Enjoy!
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Adrian Stan
9 septembrie 2018 23:10

Nice historic place. Good food. Pleasant ambience.
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Edgardo Gallardo
24 august 2018 13:45

Nice place, with own brewery. Mainly local crowd at it but I have only been there in the afternoon.
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Catalin Butolo
27 iunie 2018 21:21

Good food, but to long time for thst
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Étienne Crête
26 mai 2018 19:36

Only 1 other customer in the restaurant. Waited 15 mins with the menu closed before a waiter came to take my order... Beer is good though.
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