Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 38, Cișmigiu, București

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A reputable location in Bucharest, Gambrinus Beerhouse has a history that begins in 1901.

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Ana-Maria Jennifer Anghel
20 noiembrie 2017 19:30

A great place for ribs&chips, but i must warn you that plates are huge, so you can share it with a friend. The stuff is not that friendly all the time, but they do their job quickly.
Also, you should read the history of this place ;)
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George vamesul
19 octombrie 2017 19:41

This is the kind of place aiming to be an old fashion brewery combined with a stylish restaurant but it's neither of these. Although it looks like a brewery you will not find any crafted beer and the meals here are not that spectacular. Add to these things some bored waiters and the picture is complete.
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Ionut Mocanu
19 noiembrie 2017 14:28

It is a nice place, but the food could be better because the prices are high.
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Alexandru Ivan
8 septembrie 2017 10:52

Nice 4 star hotel restaurant, with a vintage theme, great food and a warm feeling. This pub was established by a well know Romanian writer (Ion Luca Caragiale) over 100 years ago.
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Vlad Ciuborariu
6 noiembrie 2017 13:39

Coasy, welcomig, nice low volume music and good food
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