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Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 38, Romană, București

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A reputable location in Bucharest, Gambrinus Beerhouse has a history that begins in 1901.

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B Bogdan
20 ianuarie 2019 21:35 Rezervat în data de 20 ianuarie 2019 prin

Mancarea excelenta! Cei mai buni carnati de plescoi, mancati pana acum. Stuff primitor, si vin excelent! Recomand cu incredere!

Ad Zod
23 noiembrie 2018 09:48

Good selection of dishes, typically Romanian mostly. I would have liked a better/wider selection of beers though. Place can get crowded and noisy at times, but has a good ambiance. It is very well positioned in the central area of the city, so you can us it as a stop while you visit the historical parts of Bucharest, with the nearest being Cismigiu Gardens.
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Theodor Sirbuletu
30 septembrie 2018 21:55

Nice central place. Close to Cismigiu park. Very good food. The prices are normal for the area. Not on the cheap side. Gambrinus is a recommended beer.
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David Hancock
10 ianuarie 2019 21:18

Lovely old Bucharest beer house. Friendly staff excellent food and great beer.
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Mihai V
16 februarie 2019 11:01

Good atmosphere, food, layout could be better and also services
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12 ianuarie 2019 13:32

Nice place for a quick meal and a cold beer.
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