French Bakery

Costache Negri 1-5, Cotroceni, București
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O gama fina de preparate autentice realizate dupa retele traditionale ale artizanilor francezi, o paleta de gusturi si texturi reinnoite permanent.

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Luni - Sâmbătă
08:00 - 22:00
09:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "French Bakery"

Jaydeb Sarkar
25 mai 2019 16:45

Good coffee and bakery items. Little expensive perhaps, compared to the locality. Plenty seating area inside and outside. Beverage (soft and hard) available.
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Vainqueur2008 .
4 iunie 2019 19:56

One of the best places in town to have a snack or desert. Excellent service.
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AlexGP90 .
6 iunie 2019 19:41

Nice place with some good beers, among other things
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Andrei T
2 iunie 2019 10:23

On sundays they open at 9:30 Otherwise a great cozy place.
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Alexandra Puscasu
18 martie 2019 18:50

Understaffed. Went in to grab a quick lunch and was very disappointed because it was anything BUT quick.

There were only 2 employees who struggled to keep up with all the people sitting inside and outside AND people coming in and buying things to go. You can's run a business with this kind of activity with only 2 employees.

I went in at 14:20 and ordered a quiche, a sandwich, a chocolate bun and a bottle of water and I received all this at 14:50. A 30-minute wait is just unacceptable.

Food was ok, but a restaurant/brasserie is not just about what you serve but also HOW you serve it. Owners should really pay attention to this and not keep the place understaffed.
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