French Bakery

Costache Negri 1-5, Cotroceni, București

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O gama fina de preparate autentice realizate dupa retele traditionale ale artizanilor francezi, o paleta de gusturi si texturi reinnoite permanent.

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08:00 - 22:00
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Păreri despre "French Bakery"

William O
14 septembrie 2018 08:48

Nice menu, if it’s real.
I went for breakfast but they ONLY have some croisants and cakes. No quiches or sandwiches or ... nothing that was supposed to have if you read the menu.
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Ioana Radu
26 septembrie 2018 20:14

Super quiet, very special and good coffee, will tottaly save this place as my favorite
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Bogdan Grigore
10 iunie 2018 16:28

Good place to grab a quick beer and/or brunch. The staff is really nice and the place is clean. Prices are a bit too high though.
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12 iunie 2018 15:02

I find this place over-priced for the products they sale - which not only are not freshly backed, but sometimes vaguely stale. Don't get me wrong, the food is edible, and the FB at Opera Center has a really nice setting all together ... still, it doesn't justify the prices. I will give them 4/5 and not less since the service was really good and the hipster lady taking orders and serving was really cool and allowed us to place our bike's within the store terrace area for safekeeping.
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Flavia Dobrescu
11 decembrie 2017 14:15

It's a weird mix between a fancy coffee place and a fast food-ish vibe. Service was nice.
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