Erra Restaurant

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Strada Constantin Nottara 13, Vitan, București
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Restaurantul nostru realizat bucată cu bucată (handmade) sub numele de Erra vine în întâmpinarea clienților ce doresc să parcurgă gusturi multiple gastronomice și vizuale! Este conceput să mulțumească!

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Marți - Duminică
16:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Erra Restaurant"

V Valentina
3 februarie 2019 21:42 Rezervat în data de 3 februarie 2019 prin

Mancare excelenta, personal extrem de amabil. Un loc in care cu siguranta, vom reveni. O experienta de 5 stele!

Stoyan Marinov
8 septembrie 2019 11:49

The best salmon I have ever had! Not the standard restaurant that’s for sure. The menu have few items but each of them is worth it. The chief came by himself to tell you what is today on the menu and how it is cooked. We delayed our departure from the city to eat here one more time!
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Ana Frincu
23 iunie 2019 18:06

Really nice and cozy place, the chef is amazing. Customer service good, not great, but overall very satisfying experience. Only issue was food availability. Waiter recommended pork leg (ciolan) to 4 people, 2 of us ordered it, he said it was only one portion left. Next, chose calamari, nothing left, stuck to black tiger prawns (which were only 5 prawns not so big on top of leaves); wanted pork, waiter said there was no pork either. Also happened the same to the side for steak (which were some potatoes, not available either). Overall rating still 5 stars because all food was fresh and extremely delicious. Chef personally came to say hello, we loved the attention. Only recommendation is to make daily smaller menus with what they have available on the day. Great job!
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Victor Negrea
13 mai 2019 23:35

Exceptional food, great atmosphere, personal and professional touch. A great place to go with clients or simply spoil your tastebuds. High recomendation decent prices.
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Alina Ro
7 februarie 2019 17:26

Nice atmosphere and good service. Compliments to the cook as well, very tasty food.
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Herea Oana
15 iunie 2019 21:03

Tasty food, nice people, excellent services!!!❤
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