Draft Pub

Soseaua Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti 23-25, Vatra Nouă, București

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Draft Pub este vecinul tau! Locul unde te poti bucura de o halba rece la draft.
Mancare ca la... bunica acasa si multa voie buna!
Te asteptam!

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Draft Pub"

9 mai 2019 10:50

A place with a very pleasant atmosphere located in the Sisesti area in the north of the capital. This area really needed such a modern and pleasant pub. Beer and food are very good, I would recommend trying a hamburger. Staff were very kind and prompt and the tasty food was served very quickly. The place is also very suitable for private parties. I will definitely come back again.
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Cristina Tutuianu
24 februarie 2019 17:01

Great great food, friendly service, nice atmosphere and good music &vibe:) lovely place to have a drink and chat with friends, but also great choice for dinner/lunch. I tried various food options, and all tasted very good. Well done to the team, happy to go there every time!
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Alex Motre
17 aprilie 2019 01:47

Very nice place in the area. Very friendly owners. I'll recommend this place to anyone who wants to have good food and nice drinks
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Óskar Hauksson
2 martie 2019 18:11

Simple but good local bar/restaurant. Everything I have ordered of the menu has been good so far. The standard draft beer is quite ok. Been here a few times and will keep coming back!
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Vasilios Petrou
29 martie 2019 16:15

Best bub in town. Great for children and large groups. Beer and food 5*
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