Draft Pub

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Soseaua Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti 23-25, Băneasa, București
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Draft Pub este vecinul tau! Locul unde te poti bucura de o halba rece la draft.
Mancare ca la... bunica acasa si multa voie buna!
Te asteptam!

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Matei Tuca
14 august 2019 07:52

Visited a couple of times. Good food, good atmosphere, extremely bad service.
We asked for food and they forgot to bring it but put it on the bill. They actually realized thy didn't bring the food but they still put the food on the bill. They didn't even apologies.
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9 mai 2019 10:50

A place with a very pleasant atmosphere located in the Sisesti area in the north of the capital. This area really needed such a modern and pleasant pub. Beer and food are very good, I would recommend trying a hamburger. Staff were very kind and prompt and the tasty food was served very quickly. The place is also very suitable for private parties. I will definitely come back again.
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21 august 2019 22:29

The coolest place in Bucurestii Noi, if you want to spend a nice time with your friends
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Cristina Tutuianu
24 februarie 2019 17:01

Great great food, friendly service, nice atmosphere and good music &vibe:) lovely place to have a drink and chat with friends, but also great choice for dinner/lunch. I tried various food options, and all tasted very good. Well done to the team, happy to go there every time!
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gabi anghel
18 august 2019 17:12

nice atmosphere. good food
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