De Cartier

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Viorele 57A, Tineretului, București

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Undeva in Bucuresti, printre blocuri gri, si case cu acoperisuri rosii, intr-o verdeata ce inunda romantic o terasa in care ai acces prin locatia intima a restaurantului, am vrut sa dam frau liber imaginatiei, sentimentelor, si energiei pozitive ce ridica localul la un minim de confort si bucurie.
“Detaliul face direrenta” iar “In teatru se rade sau se plange, restul e umplutura” spunea cineva, noi, am incercat in prezentare proprie retete internationale dar si bucatarie clasica cu peste 80 de vinuri romanesti si internationale, dar si o carafa de soi, un ambient cald, prietenos, un trandafir mereu proaspat si de la o muzica clasica pana la jazz, swing si rock & roll pana dimineata.

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Păreri despre "De Cartier"

C Cosmin
4 martie 2017 22:53 Rezervat în data de 3 martie 2017 prin

Mancare delicioasa, preturi usor piperate pentru zona tineretului. Recomand tigaia picanta de berbecut

Gorgan Razvan
31 august 2018 17:41

I visited this place 3 times so far. The first 2 of them were really nice, the waiter was respectful and drinks/food very tasty. Sadly, last time I was there both me and my friend got ill after eating their food and the waiter (different than the first 2 ones) was mannerless.
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Iulian Ilie-Nemedi
23 aprilie 2018 13:30

I went there once during lunch break. Although the waiting time was considerable, the food was not well cooked. The service is not that great while the prices are high and the taste of the food very poor. I came back with some friends couple of months later and since we had a reservation, this time was better. Then, I decided to give it a try. This time the side dish was cold, that means given the it was lunch time, it was from the day before. Please avoid it!
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Robert Nechifor
8 august 2018 07:12

Great food, great service, very cozy and warm.
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Alex Marcu
1 noiembrie 2017 22:21

Small and cozy this place comes as close as they come to being and authentic neighborhood restaurant. Good food although somewhat pricey but you are also paying for the atmosphere. Excellent place for a Sunday lazzy family dinner. The only reason i give it a 4 star is due to the occasionally slow service and old table sheets.
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Alina Negrea
1 decembrie 2017 18:18

2nd best family food option. Highly recommended for a quiet, traditional meal with loved ones. Great music. Food excels on meat side.
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