Cucina di casa

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Calea Văcărești 230, Tineretului, București
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D Dan
27 iulie 2019 19:34 Rezervat în data de 27 iulie 2019 prin

Mâncarea este excelentă. Limonada casei este extraordinară.

O atmosferă plăcută și prețuri mai mult decât rezonabile?

D Dragos
15 iunie 2017 23:08 Rezervat în data de 14 iunie 2017 prin

Mancare foarte buna, paste de casa, serviciul prompt si o terasa racoroasa, binevenita "in cartier".

Simona Lungu
12 august 2019 15:29

Feels like one big family, tasty food, good prices, very nice staff!
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Mihai-Alexandru Luiuz
17 mai 2019 11:22

excelent burger, good pizza, relaxed serving. it is not to be considered fancy, it is a relaxed environment , without posh aspirations, where you can have a good time. the food and drinks are honest and tasty
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Alexandru Paiu
27 mai 2019 08:32

AThin delicate pizza, delicious pasta and seafood. Quite good food and great service. Lovely atmosphere also. I certainly felt I received more than I expected. As close as you can get to italian cuisine in that part of the city.
Careful on the front step though. Many people seen to stumble and fall over it, although it is visibly marked... Something should be done about it.
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Teo Voicilă
4 august 2019 00:18

The place looks ok but the waiters were a bit rude and they started to close the restaurant without giving any notice before. It felt uncomfortable.
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Emanuel Vasile
29 martie 2019 11:45

Great place to enjoy a proper meal. Prices are not exactly the lowest you will find around but the quality (and also quantity for many of the dishes) of the food makes it a place worth visiting if you are hungry!
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