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Cafeneaua Actorilor

3,6 / 4 voturi
Parcul Tineretului , Tineretului, București
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3,6 / 4 voturi
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M Mihai
29 aprilie 2019 18:09 Rezervat în data de 29 aprilie 2019

I Ionut
16 iunie 2018 19:50 Rezervat în data de 16 iunie 2018

Desi am lasat un comentariu in rezervarea facuta la Cafeneaua Actorilor, acest mesaj nu a fost transmis celor de la restaurant. Asadar, odata ajuns la locatie, mi s-a spus ca nu am precizat faptul ca vreau masa unde se difuzeaza meciul (asta fiind exact comentariul meu in rezervarea facuta). In final, s-a rezolvat cu masa. Mancarea insa, la Cafeneaua Actorilor, este de un nivel submediocru. Oricine isi poate gati paste mai bune acasa la el, decat la acel restaurant. Pacat de locatia asta si de amplasamentul ideal langa lac, pt ca mancarea lasa de dorit.

A Adrian
13 septembrie 2016 21:00 Rezervat în data de 12 septembrie 2016

Mâncarea a fost foarte bună, muzica suficient de tare cât să înțelegi versurile, dar nu cât să nu te auzi om cu persoană, iar chelnerii foarte amabili. Din păcate, am reușit să terminăm rezervele de bere la draught, dar am fost compensați cu multe sticle.

A Alexandra
11 septembrie 2016 21:11 Rezervat în data de 10 septembrie 2016

26 februarie 2020 12:37

So sad how the location is great, but everything else is dissapointing :(

Food: We had beef burgers with chips. It might look good, but the beef wasn't made properly.

Location: Restaurant is located on a doc over the Tineretului Park's lake.

Price: Prices are mid-range.

Staff: Either they had a lot of guests through the day, or they simply wanted to run away from their job.. we waited a lot for someone to even acknowledge our presence there. There was only 2 more tables occupied..

Ambiance: Didn't see the interior, we sat at a table on the terrace.

I gave it a try, I love the location - if you stay on the terrace over the water and you could feed the ducks on the lake. But everything else was disappointing. Couldn't recommend it... :(
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3 februarie 2020 08:17

Food is OK, waiting time depends on whether it is crowded or not (usually it is). Some menu items not available. There are many mafioso-looking customers and pickpockets, watch out for your belongings. Location is nice, and is open all year.
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26 noiembrie 2019 11:42

Other than the location is nothing good. Long wait for the menus and to be served, they never hire enough stuff... The food is really bad, a few times we had to return it back to the kitchen. If you want to drink a couple of drinks with a nice view it's OK, but no more than that.
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7 martie 2020 20:48

Beside the view nothing here: bad service and bad drinks! The place looks old and you need courage to eat here.
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11 martie 2019 21:24

Get ready to... wait for it... that's it, wait for it! :(
The 'Keep on Waiting' Restaurant menu:
* half an hour for them to bring the menu
* half an hour to take your order
* at least an hour to bring your meal
Do you feel lucky? Try going at the 'Wait for it' restaurant: such a beautiful place, such a no-service location...
WAIT, I KNOW: Are you young, and broke? Do you want to impress your date with no money? Bring her / him here: They will get tired of waiting and beg you to leave. You win: a date with 0 expenses! (and also 0 calories intake)
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