Burger Van Bistro

Preț Moderat
Strada George Vraca 4, Cișmigiu, București

Burger Van Bistro

Preț Moderat
Strada George Vraca 4, Cișmigiu, București
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Burger Van Bistro este varianta stationara si mai dezvoltata a Burger Van.

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12:00 - 22:00


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15 august 2022 20:23

The food was ok and they had sweet potato fries 🍟 that I love them. But they charge for mayonnaise 1 euro that I think is exaggerated! Also it is pretty expensive for self service and for the fact that it did not have a place to sit and we ate on the street. But the reason for me 2 stars is that the floor inside the store was slippery from the oil of the kitchen. Very dirty place. And the street it is located is close to the city center but not in the heart of the old city that would make the location worth it. Overall maybe eat there if you stay close and you want to get take away. Otherwise the cost is not worth it.
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19 decembrie 2022 22:24

Decent burgers, but the experience leaves a lot to be desired - the seating area is across the street from the place where you place your order, and it’s a small, unwelcoming space.

The burgers are just that - decent. It’s a plus that they’re fresh and made on the spot, but that’s about it. The bun is dry and uninteresting - I couldn’t bring myself to eat it - and the meat is just ok, nothing special about it.

Not the experience I was expecting.
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13 septembrie 2022 01:41

We went there especially to try the Jim Kon burger, the 2022 BurgerFest winner, and we were not disappointed. Maybe not the best burger I've eaten but certainly top 3, it was very tasty and refreshing. They didn't have it in the menu yet as the recipe is too new so you need to ask for it by name and just 2 of the 5 locations of burger van in Bucharest know how to make it, bistro and home. I've heard that it can also be ordered via apps like tazz or glovo but we were out of range so we had to go to the location to try it. It was worth the trip.

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1 octombrie 2021 16:53

Not recommended. I went there two years ago and it was good, but the quality has gone down the drain. The patty was too thin and dry, the burger didn't taste like anything and honestly it was worse than McDonald's. The fries were equally bad and the shabby decor doesn't justify the price which is not cheap.
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1 iulie 2021 22:53

Good burger (not exceptional), but there are a lot of other minuses. For example location: you place order in one small, smelly place and although there are 2 crowded tables in there, you cannot eat, so you have to cross the street where is another place where you can eat. You have to pay attention when your order is ready and return for your burger. Quite expensive for this services. We paid over 260 lei for 4 normal burgers and 4 beers.
There was no still water to buy.
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