Burger Van Bistro

Strada George Vraca 4, Romană, București

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Burger Van Bistro este varianta stationara si mai dezvoltata a Burger Van.

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12:00 - 22:00
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Suba Alexandru
5 februarie 2019 22:04

Hands down, best burger joint in Bucharest and I've tried most of them.

Basically, a lot of places have good burgers, but this is the only one where the meat actually tastes fresh, because they buy it fresh every day. The patty is simple but good quality meat, which makes it super tasty.

The fries are also very good and go well with their aioli sauce. However they do lack consistency with the fries. Sometimes they're cut differently, sometimes undercooked or overcooked. Bust most of the time they're fine.

It's a bit pricey, expect to pay around $10 for a burger with fries, but it's totally worth it.
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Huckleberry Finn
3 ianuarie 2019 13:46

Best burgers in town. The guys know how to cook a blue, rare or well done meat, the fries are very good and the beer is also good. The only thing that bothers a little is the loud music in the sitting area (situated across the street)
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idan koren
24 ianuarie 2019 21:46

Nice service. Good hamburger. Wasn't medium, as ordered, but still good
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Jafar Sadig
18 ianuarie 2019 19:06

I liked burgers, it is so tasty, but you need to come untill 4 pm. because you have menu till 4 pm. Place is for 8 persons(maximum).
Royal burger cost 24 lei
but if you come till 4pm, you have MENU (26 Ron) - Burger+Salad+Fries(homemade).
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Giorgiana Sascau
2 decembrie 2018 17:59

THE SUPER BEST OF THE BEST BURGERS!!!! For me, the EL GUAPO is their superstar, which they can prepare it to be more spicy, upon request. Very pleasant and accommodating staff too. Love this little place and will be back!
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