4,3 / 19 voturi
BORSALINO BUCURESTI nu acceptă rezervări online prin
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Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 44, Centrul Vechi, București


4,3 / 19 voturi
Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 44, Centrul Vechi, București
BORSALINO BUCURESTI nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Localizat in centrul Bucurestiului in zona Unirii, Borsalino este un loc placut unde poti sa degusti bucataria italiana si sa te bucuresti de un design calduros.

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4,3 / 19 voturi
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L Liliana
27 septembrie 2018 14:02 Rezervat în data de 26 septembrie 2018

C Cristina
11 mai 2018 22:46 Rezervat în data de 11 mai 2018

S Sabina
3 mai 2018 10:53 Rezervat în data de 20 aprilie 2018

A Ana
12 aprilie 2018 22:13 Rezervat în data de 12 aprilie 2018

A Adrian
11 aprilie 2018 00:20 Rezervat în data de 10 aprilie 2018

Fain ca intotdeauna. 6/5 stele pentru echipa de la Borsalino.

L Laura
2 aprilie 2018 10:10 Rezervat în data de 1 aprilie 2018

E Erika
15 martie 2018 15:48 Rezervat în data de 14 martie 2018

A Ana-maria
23 februarie 2018 23:48 Rezervat în data de 23 februarie 2018

S Slavko
14 februarie 2018 22:02 Rezervat în data de 14 februarie 2018

S Sorina
2 februarie 2018 21:05 Rezervat în data de 2 februarie 2018

Servire impecabila, angajata foarte drăguță si atenta. Locatie deosebita, frumos amenajata. Recomand Coaste de porc. Un minus este căldura excesiva cauzata de cuptorul de la parter.

L Liliana
1 februarie 2018 10:58 Rezervat în data de 31 ianuarie 2018

A Ana
17 ianuarie 2018 22:23 Rezervat în data de 17 ianuarie 2018

L Livia
5 ianuarie 2018 00:46 Rezervat în data de 4 ianuarie 2018

G George
14 octombrie 2017 21:50 Rezervat în data de 14 octombrie 2017

A Adrian
29 iunie 2017 19:06 Rezervat în data de 28 iunie 2017

22 mai 2022 21:29

Amazing Italian Gem in the heart of Bucharest.

Prices are affordable, portions are good sized, everything is super delicious and flavourful, cooked to perfection.

Service is always super kind and hospitable.

If you happen to be around and want a quick pasta dish, come and visit.

ate here 2 times in 4 days, as its just soo
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6 octombrie 2022 23:59

Pasta was fresh (tasted freshly made) tasty and very perfectly cooked! I had the prawn/shrimp pasta and they were very generous with the prawn/shimp. They were quick to serve and helpful. Only comment I have is that I’m not sure why but the sauce to the pasta felt sandy/grainy. Not sure why.
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12 iulie 2022 14:55

Everything was fine. Nice service and friendly stuff, nice atmosphere and of course very nice food. I visit them again because I were amazed by the taste of this pasta. Well cooked, in nice prizes (6€ for pasta) and the quality of their ingredients. Especially the vegetables were really fresh.
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25 septembrie 2022 15:20

We receive the dishes separately, the last one was served once half of the group finished their food. The waitress was not helpful at all. We ordered bread and it never came. We also ordered one more spoon and they brought 2 knife and forks. You cannot change the sauce of the pasta which is quite concerning to me… why not?
The carbonara is far from a real carbonara.
The Quattro Formaggi risotto was good.
The pasta was Al dente which is nice but nothing special.
The Tagliatelle Al Salmone was the best dish while the Spaghetti Alla Busara was not bad.
The service very poor.
The bathrooms were cleaned.
Not really recommended to be honest.
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2 noiembrie 2022 12:43

We chose this place cause they had soup options and we wanted italian food. While my food was fine (truffle tagliatelle) my moms (gnocchi pomodoro) was just not great. The sauce was savory and didnt really taste like much. Same for the tomato soup- basically the same thing as the pomodoro sauce. The interior was very nice but outside was loud and busy. That being said, the food was edible and prices not bad, but i would not come back. Maybe for the delicious looking pizza 😁
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