Verdetei 11, Bulevardul Unirii, București

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Restaurantul Beijing si-a redeschis portile pentru iubitorii de mancare chinezeasca, preparata de maestrul bucatar CHEN FUSHOU, care se bucura de o vasta experienta culinara, cumulata intr-unul din cele mai renumite restaurante din Beijing. Va asteptam sa savurati preparatele noastre intr-un nou format decorativ, sa va lasati furati de ambianta unor melodii clasice chinezesti, precum si de un serviciu discret si ireprosabil.

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Ruxandra Marinescu
25 iunie 2018 08:56

Amaaaaazing food 👌👌 the best I had, flavours spot on. Had plenty of things but I enjoyed the sweet-spicey chicken with pinneaple👍 prices very reasonable, you can eat alone and with a group still cheap. Great location, easy to get there and if you want to try great Chinese food this is the PLACE
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Andrea Melkuhn
14 ianuarie 2018 18:34

Beijing restaurant in Bucharest is a hidden place near Phoenicia business centre where the food is good. I ate very tasty some kind of egg soup and caramelized apples which were excellent,prices are ok.( Not too expensive not too cheap). The service is good enough ,the ambiance could be good too if they would not use Romanian folk music instead of original Chinese.( People choose a Chinese restaurant to eat, but I bet they do not want to listen to Romanian folk music,if so, they would go to a Romanian restaurant).
I do not advice people with disabilities to go there , because the toilet is on the first floor and I can't remember seeing wheelchair access at the entrance of the restaurant.
For my sorrow I couldn't drink Chinese beer which I tried 1 year ago when I visited this restaurant the first time,even though Chinese beer is excellent what I tried in China too.
I guess this Beijing restaurant should work a bit on their marketing , because the food is good,much more tasty as in other restaurants in Bucharest. They really should keep the authenticity of this place,so customers could feel like in China.
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10 aprilie 2018 17:56

Very tasty Chinese food, affordable prices!
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Daniel Grosu
18 iunie 2017 13:27

Best Chinese food i have ever eaten. I eat here at least once every two weeks. Prices are more than reasonable and the food is godlike.
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Moldovan Cosmin
3 septembrie 2016 12:15

A basic Chinese experience. The venue has gone through some renovations during the recent years and now it looks ok, however the bathrooms still require extensive work. The menu is good but not over the top, however better then many Chinese delivery restaurants in Bucharest. Recommended.
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