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Beans & Dots

Actor Ion Brezoianu 23-25, Cișmigiu, București

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Aici vii pentru mai multe motive.
Pentru cafeaua exclusiva adusa de la The Barn din Berlin, pentru ceaiurile atent selectionate de la Companion Tea si pentru obiectele de design curatoriate pe care le gasesti in micul nostru magazin. Branduri super cool descoperite in calatoriile noastre, reviste de design, arta si “sartorial matters” si mai ales oameni foarte ca tine. Si ca noi.
Beans & Dots este despre si cu ce ne place: sa bem, sa mancam, sa purtam, sa folosim. Este despre noi.

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 22:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
09:00 - 22:00


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8 februarie 2020 09:18

Great coffee. Central area, walking distance to the subway/bus. Great music, and there is a cool little vinyl shop inside the coffee shop. Most people come to work at their laptops, but still pretty cool.
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11 ianuarie 2020 13:58

Here I met an amazingly patient barista who answered all my questions and helped me decide the coffee beans I want. He even gave me a double shot of a Costa Rica to try. I went home with an Ethiopia from The Barn,Berlin. Regarding the coffee, I'm yet to come to a conclusion. I've made only a double this morning and I need to adjust my grinder to get closer to the perfect shot.
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10 decembrie 2019 20:14

Rather good coffee at affordable prices. However, the place is very crowded and load and by no means a place to go for chilling and relaxation. Seems the place is more suited for working remotely while having a good cup to coffee. The decore is also rather plain.

Please be aware that the place is hidden from the main street on a back alley and took us a while to find it.
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9 februarie 2020 10:26

Cool place right next to the park. Once you're done walking around you can have a coffee or a sandwich. I love the atmosphere!
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1 februarie 2020 15:35

Nice coffee shop.
The beans are roasted in site. Tasty coffee.. (especially the esspresso).
The beer selection is short, but very good.
The interior is an old refurbished hall, integrating the coffee shop, some coworking spaces and business rental spaces.
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