Apollo111 Barul

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Strada Ion Brezoianu 23 - 25, Romană, București

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Drinks, party, chat, wine & food

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17:00 - 01:00


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A Alexandru Cornel
12 septembrie 2018 21:05 Rezervat în data de 12 septembrie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Nu am mancat. Servire excelenta, atmosfera foarte relaxanta. Recomand.

Mihai Grigore
5 februarie 2019 14:55

Nice place to have a few drinks with some friends. Also good place to meet new friendly people. Went there a few times, each time it was playing late 90's early 2000's music. Prices are normal, meaning, not expensive, nor cheap. You will find here a lot of diversity amongst people. definitely a place to visit if you want to dance and meet new people. Also, the place is gay friendly. Have fun!
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Ionut Radulescu
20 februarie 2019 15:57

Cool place that usually is full of hip people...
I recommend this place, especially when they have an event...
Not recommended if your mind is based on the old conservatory values...
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Linda !
17 noiembrie 2018 23:46

modern design, cool, sophisticated aesthetic. nice theater with lovely plays and movies. the bar is perfect for a drink after work. parties are usually quite enjoyable. clean and warm. the caffè is best for your morning coffee with your friend or lover. well made site, you can find any info you're looking for.
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Vlad Sorescu
14 februarie 2019 12:26

Good place for a drink & for a party in the center of Bucharest. Lots of concrete walls (looks very cool but it s not quite cozy if you want something intimate)
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Bobby Stoica Voltart
20 ianuarie 2019 09:51

Cool culture hub which includes small independent theatre, bars and extras. Worth to go out for electronic music events or just spend an evening at the bar with some pretty hype folks.
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