Apollo111 Barul

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Strada Ion Brezoianu 23 - 25, Romană, București

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Drinks, party, chat, wine & food

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Luni - Duminică
17:00 - 01:00


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A Alexandru Cornel
12 septembrie 2018 21:05 Rezervat în data de 12 septembrie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Nu am mancat. Servire excelenta, atmosfera foarte relaxanta. Recomand.

Mihai Grigore
5 februarie 2019 14:55

Nice place to have a few drinks with some friends. Also good place to meet new friendly people. Went there a few times, each time it was playing late 90's early 2000's music. Prices are normal, meaning, not expensive, nor cheap. You will find here a lot of diversity amongst people. definitely a place to visit if you want to dance and meet new people. Also, the place is gay friendly. Have fun!
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Alexandra Coscovelnita
19 aprilie 2019 16:41

We cane here for a play and also enjoyed drinks. I loved the cocktail and the play was good as well. It's a modern & chill theater so no need to overdress.
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Adeline Spânu
1 iunie 2019 14:54

Great place for parties, fun events, kinda crowded but all in all a good place to go dance and hang out
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Valentin-Gabriel Grigoras
30 aprilie 2019 22:56

Good music, great vibe. They could renovate the smoking area which is a skrt of closet and also speed the time in which u can get a drink...and also make it possible to make table reservations in advance
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mihaela baciu
23 mai 2019 20:09

Great music! Thematic nights! Creative crowd! Check it out!
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