Wolkendorf Bio Hotel Spa & Conference

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Strada Helesteului, sat Vulcan , Brașov

Wolkendorf Bio Hotel Spa & Conference

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Strada Helesteului, sat Vulcan , Brașov
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At Wolkendorf Bio Hotel & Spa you will relax with spa services, sauna complex, outdoor and indoor activities, playgrounds for kids & traditional meals.

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26 noiembrie 2023 09:16

Beautiful location with tasty food (even lactose & gluten free dishes). The rooms not so clean, and the shower was missing the door and hot water! Great SPA center though! During the time we were visiting, a terrible smell was in the air, similar to stalls (filled with filthy animals).
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7 octombrie 2023 09:41

Lovely location, great breakfast, good meals at the restaurant. However, it was a fully booked weekend and the staff was overwhelmed (waiting over an hour for food at lunch and dinner). On Sunday morning, there was just one coffee machine available.
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10 august 2023 23:20

I’ll start with the good things even tho there is very few, the hotel is located in a nice and quiet area next to the forest and that’s it.
So we booked 2 rooms for 2 nights with my family and we have a small baby, and we left the next day even though we asked for a refund for the second night which was not accepted by the manager.
First of all the fridge was not working in our bedroom and it is something essential to us as we need it to keep our baby’s food inside, so we called to report it and we’ve been told to bring what we have to keep cold at the front desk, just ridiculous…
The temperature was way too high in the bedroom even at night ( no ac ) and our room was facing the hotel garden where someone very smart had the idea to place a fire pit, so when we wanted to open the window to get some fresh air all we were getting was smoke, on top of that the people outside were too loud and some of them were so drunk that they were breaking glass bottles in the pit.
The quality of the food at the restaurant is average but the waiters are probably summer students and not qualified enough as they were terrible, no menu in English and flies everywhere making it just impossible to enjoy.
Cannot recommend this place to anyone
Just terrible experience…
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17 septembrie 2023 12:42

Very pleasant location.
Rooms: clean, beautiful design, it might help to have a little more storage for clothes in case of long stays.
Staff is young, pleasant and helpful, and it makes you feel welcome.
Food: very good breakfast, but a la carte menu is medium. They need a chef with more courage to use salt and condiments. The pastas for children are a little blunt, out of the can😅
Playground: a nice and safe place for children, helps parents to have a break 👍 the have outdoors and indoors, the fishing in the ponds it is a very nice activity for children.
SPA: good experience, but it needs a makeover and improvments from the owners. For example, the indoor pool had the heating system broken...so the water was cold. The sauna was a big plus and perfect experience.
Overall, the staff of the location is a big plus, professionals , and they bring value to the place, helping the guest to have a pleasant stay.
We would like to come back.
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25 octombrie 2023 18:55

The location is great and the potential is huge. The rooms are ok without being fantastic (minus for the bathroom which is not functional at all).
I was however a bit disappointed by the spa. I came here and organize a teambuilding for 40 peoples and the management of the hotel did not ensure that the spa was functional for our arrival.
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