Nargila Grill & Bar

Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Carol I 8, Sinaia, Valea Prahovei

Nargila Grill & Bar

Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Carol I 8, Sinaia, Valea Prahovei
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Nargila este o adevărata instituție din Sinaia. Vă puteți bucura de savoarea gastronomiei europene, cu o puternică influență italiană, asezonată cu preparate din Orientul Mijlociu pentru a vă completa experiența culinară. DJ în weekend, coktailuri în tendințe, pizza la cuptor cu lemne fac din Nargila cel mai bun loc pentru întâlnirile cu familia și prietenii și pentru a vă relaxa pe una dintre cele mai generoase terase ale promenadei Sinaia, ascultând cele mai noi hit-uri muzicale. Savurează!

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09:00 - 23:00


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7 noiembrie 2021 21:22

Overpriced, a portion of pasta equals 150g.

Bad service, waiters took a long time to come to our table, we had to ask for napkins and straws for our drinks.

Food was okay but small sized portions.
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28 august 2021 19:36

The restaurant is in the middle of food area in Sinaia, and only this could explain the overpriced dishes (mainly fried food & pizza) & drinks, compared to the service level. The service is faster than sow past review stated, probably because there's one manager constantly walking among the tables and asking the customers if their order has been taken. Otherwise, it's quite poorly decorated, trying to emulate an oriental restaurant, while they serve a mix of pizza, burgers and very few oriental appetizers. You can smoke hookah inside, but there's only to flavours you can choose from. On top, there's a DJ playing house music. The prices are pretty high, way above the average of what you'll find in other food amenities. But, I guess, regardless of the reviews, people will keep coming since it's on a such commercial spot.
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29 iulie 2021 01:11

Worst service in Romania.
It was very sunny outside and we asked if a shade umbrella can be opened. The waitress said sure and we sat down in the sun, waiting. After a few minutes I asked again and got a very angry response "Two seconds! Why you ask all the time!"
Then a guy and the waitress tried to open the umbrella, had trouble with it and told me (angry and almost yelling) "no umbrella! Go inside!"
We decided to leave.
Edit: I appreciate the polite response of the owner and hope this will lead to a significant improvement of your staff's attitude towards customers.
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20 septembrie 2021 19:35

It was simply amazing. The food was fresh and really tasty and the waitress was also very polite and kind. 10/10
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13 octombrie 2021 11:22

It says they are open but they refuse to serve you until 12, so what’s the point? We arrived too late for breakfast, so we wanted the regular menu, they wouldn’t even give us something to drink until 12. Very bad place
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