Pub-Restaurant Urban

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Strada Mărășești 12, Timișoara
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Restaurant, lounge si demisol cu sarm - asta inseamna spatiul Urban. Un loc unde poti sa-ti creezi propriul tau orasel. Ia-ti prietenii, familia, iubita si vino sa mananci cele mai gustoase retete din bucataria internationala asezonate cu vinuri de calitate. Avem loc pentru toata lumea.

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Bianca Isac
16 aprilie 2019 14:25

Most of the times I've been here I served their daily lunch option. They have a vegetarian option which I always appreciate in a restaurant that serves daily options for lunch.
Sometimes the food was really tasty, other times I left no so satisfied.
Prices are somehow reasonable, depends what you're ordering and how lucky you are.
Staff is friendly and I always appreciate that, sometimes even more than the food itself.
Will probably return though.
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Dragisa Uncul
5 august 2019 13:26

Great food, good service.
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Cosmin Atodiresei
18 august 2019 16:33

Good food, good service
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Raul Pirva
25 iunie 2019 21:20

Good place to eat with a good variety of food. A little expensive but it's worth it!
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Saadeddine Adnan
20 iunie 2019 22:34

Great food, good service only bad part is the lack of phone signal because the place is underground.
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