Pub-Restaurant Urban

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Strada Mărășești 12, Timișoara
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Restaurant, lounge si demisol cu sarm - asta inseamna spatiul Urban. Un loc unde poti sa-ti creezi propriul tau orasel. Ia-ti prietenii, familia, iubita si vino sa mananci cele mai gustoase retete din bucataria internationala asezonate cu vinuri de calitate. Avem loc pentru toata lumea.

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Calin Sicoe
15 octombrie 2018 14:59

Generally the food is good. Daily meals always have a vegan option. During lunch the restaurant may be understaffed, but are usually quick on their feet
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Iulia Semenescu
24 august 2018 22:18

Good food, and nice personnel. I would change the chairs, they are a bit uncomfortable... But all in all, everything was good
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Roxana Iacoban
24 august 2018 22:06

Great food both traditional and burgers.Good soups,great beer and service in the downtown of Timisoara. Totally recommend it!
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jane smithy
9 iulie 2018 10:06

Their catering is terrible. They open at 9 but untill after 10 nobody even answers the phone, even if it is in no way specified that there is a special timetable for ordering on the phone.
Food is good but a little overpriced and the staff is generally bored and not very welcoming.
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Dorian Blaj
28 martie 2018 19:12

The pizza I had was pretty good and the portion size was more than enough for 1 person.
The place is cozy and nice to be at when going out with groups.
Prices are OK considering the location.
They also have a very good daily menu for lunch, offering also vegetarian alternative.
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