Pub-Restaurant Urban

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Strada Mărășești 12, Timișoara
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Restaurant, lounge si demisol cu sarm - asta inseamna spatiul Urban. Un loc unde poti sa-ti creezi propriul tau orasel. Ia-ti prietenii, familia, iubita si vino sa mananci cele mai gustoase retete din bucataria internationala asezonate cu vinuri de calitate. Avem loc pentru toata lumea.

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Rata Marian - Andrei
1 martie 2018 11:28

It's a cosy place.. Went for dinner around 8 o'clock it was quite empty so I had almost no waiting time... Friendly waiter, I did enjoy the night till the last minute

Keep up the good job!
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Livia Vasile
26 decembrie 2017 18:23

We were here on 26 December for lunch and we really liked it. The restaurant was rather empty when we arrived, and the service was fast, very friendly and attentive. Payment with card possible. The meals were very tasty, especially the avocado caprese salad and the Urban fries. Salads in many restaurants are overpriced and tasteless but this one was rich and creamy still keeping it light. The Royal Burger came just slightly cold but very good. Highly recommended!
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Nikola Trajkovski
2 martie 2018 20:14

It is one of the places with consistent quality. I love their food and the service is one of the best in town. It is also close to the main square.
I like their burgers and the ribs are not bad.
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Tofan Silviu
28 ianuarie 2018 21:39

The food is so delicious😮 I loved it so much! I would love to go again. Compliments to the Chef for the pizza. The Timisoara one is awesome 👌
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Miruna Nelega
17 decembrie 2017 17:05

Sunday afternoon, 4 pm, place is almost empty. I order a "ciorba" and a Greek salad, my partner, the crispy strips and we ask the waiter to bring them as they are ready. They bring it all at once, that is great, except I get a Cesar salad instead of the Greek one I ordered.
The waiter of course tries first convince me I
did something wrong, I ordered Cesar salad, almost saying that they don't have Greek salad in the menu. He opens it to show me he is right, not me, the customer; luckily I am not crazy and there she is, the splendid summer salads that apparently nobody orders in December.
He apologizes and goes back on the kitchen with the order and we start eating what was delivered to the table, "ciorba"and the crispy strips. We finish eating and start waiting for my Greek salad, 5, 10, 15 min. I ask for the salad to go. 20min after finally get it.

I am giving them 3 stars instead of 1 because the vegetables soup I got is one of the best in town, it tastes just like the homemade one.
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