Misto Restaurant

Strada Eugeniu de Savoya 11, Timișoara
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Misto Restaurant - O nouă alternativă culinară în Timișoara

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 23:00
12:00 - 23:00


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C Ciprian
8 decembrie 2016 11:21 Rezervat în data de 6 decembrie 2016 prin ialoc.ro

Misto e bun, simplu și foarte fain - de fiecare dată. Meniul merită explorat, mai ales că sunt deschiși spre adaptări gen "aduceți-mi și cel mai iute sos pe care-l aveți lângă burger" - și primești ceva foarte bun dar care chiar pare c-a fost făcut de ei, nu cumpărat ;)

18 noiembrie 2017 09:02

The service sometimes it's kinda slow,but it's worth it. The food tastes very,very good and looks great. For like 50 lei,you can have a burger,fries,sauce and also something to drink. So,the prices are not that high,considering that the place has a central localisation. I would definitely recommend this one!
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Monica S
8 septembrie 2017 20:27

Their burgers are a sin! It is so good and tasty! The burger comes with fried potatoes and a souce. Taste their beer as well, you won't regret it!
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Andrej Branc
24 iulie 2017 17:05

Very good service, have an English menu as well. We all had burgers and they were perfectly cooked and very juicy. Great food and good prices as well.
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Sebastian Luke
24 februarie 2017 14:16

This is place has a nice environment. Also the food is OK, but a little expensive for its size. nevertheless if you want a Mediterranean salad, Italian pasta or a good Burger you should totally go for it. They also offer a well-priced daily menu (which you can easily find on their Facebook page) with soup and second dish included.
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Weng Teng Choi
27 mai 2017 13:49

Double expensive than other good restaurant.
Small portion.
Super long waiting.
Food was not especially good.

We waited for 1 hour for the waitress to come to take order and the food to come. I ordered a rocket burger with rucola salad (That's why it is call rocket burger), and the waitress come with what is in the picture. I have to ask the waitress 3 times that she told me the rucola has ran out. Plus the price is more than a double more expensive than a very nice cafe restaurant in the next square. The burger did not taste that spectacular for the price even we are super hungry. Portion compare to the other cheaper better restaurant is very small.
Never go there
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