HUGO - Restaurant & Treats

Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989 77, Cluj

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Hugo este locat in cea mai noua cladire de birouri din Cluj - The Office – Str. 21 Decembrie 1989 Nr. 77, parter. Conceptul restaurantului este unic in Cluj-Napoca. Din perspectiva clientului, unicitatea sa deriva din minim 2 aspecte evidente: organizarea zonei de servire si serviciile deosebite oferite.

Produsele tip paste, pizza, salate & grill sunt preparate proaspat, in fiecare zi, iar gatitul se va petrece in fata clientului, cu ingredientele pe care acesta le doreste.

Toate acestea vin completate de atmosfera calda si prietenoasa pe care incercam sa o creem, atat prin ambientul deosebit al restaurantului, cat si prin evenimentele pe care le vom organiza acolo.

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Alexandru-Dan Nemes
30 septembrie 2018 13:36

The restaurant is nicely decorated, but apart from the pizza, which is tasty, I can't really say the food there is worth the price. It can get pretty pricey if you were to grab lunch on a daily basis. I often got cold soup, or room temperature grilled chicken.
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Cristian Popa
21 decembrie 2018 10:09

One of the least effective services for getting lunch, you need to wait 15 min if you have 2 persons in front of you. Prices are on the high side, food selection is more "canteen" type. Nice location though...
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Andrei Sid
28 noiembrie 2018 09:56

Too expensive for a cafeteria with selfservice. Food is ok, but not great.
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Adina T
13 decembrie 2018 20:26

Good burgers, very busy during lunch due to office building.
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Alin Stoica
6 iulie 2018 20:52

Decent restaurant to eat your lunch but nothing special. The food has decent price (be aware of beverage price) and the taste is sometimes decent sometimesc good. They also have a daily menu which is rather cheap and most of the time good if you are not picky.

Overall a good place to go in lunch brake if you work nearby.
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