HUGO - Restaurant & Treats

Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989 77, Cluj
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Hugo este locat in cea mai noua cladire de birouri din Cluj - The Office – Str. 21 Decembrie 1989 Nr. 77, parter. Conceptul restaurantului este unic in Cluj-Napoca. Din perspectiva clientului, unicitatea sa deriva din minim 2 aspecte evidente: organizarea zonei de servire si serviciile deosebite oferite.

Produsele tip paste, pizza, salate & grill sunt preparate proaspat, in fiecare zi, iar gatitul se va petrece in fata clientului, cu ingredientele pe care acesta le doreste.

Toate acestea vin completate de atmosfera calda si prietenoasa pe care incercam sa o creem, atat prin ambientul deosebit al restaurantului, cat si prin evenimentele pe care le vom organiza acolo.

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neetZza nitZza
7 martie 2019 09:02

Really nice place - a good mix of a restaurant and the corporate area. Loved the interior, very visually pleasing, colorful and detail oriented, with smaller and bigger tables (the big ones have high chairs). The food is pretty diverse, + 2 types of daily menus (for 22 RON). At lunch hours it's almost impossible to find a table (😁 so be prepared and get there in time!); after 2pm the place is mostly empty, but the food isn't as hot 😔 but still good.
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Emanuel Iulian Furdui
26 martie 2019 17:10

Decent cooked food, a bit on the expensive side, great variety. Really amazing pasta and pizza, and they also have lighter items, like salads, sandwiches. Overall, a good place to grab a bite.
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Robert Cornea
17 mai 2019 23:52

Service is very nice. Good craft beer and food.
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Roxana Poenar
9 februarie 2019 14:39

For lunch hour rush in a an office building this place is quite slow. Prices are a little high for the type of food they offer at the self-service line and the a la carte menu is even more over priced.
Good for after work drinks if you want something really close to the office.
The staff is friendly but don't always pay full attention to the customers.
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Puiu-Sorin Stadnic
26 februarie 2019 15:23

Nice place to go with friends to celebrate birthdays and such. Affordable prices and nice people.
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