Hard Club

Strada Republicii 110, Cluj

Preț Moderat

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Luni - Joi
09:00 - 03:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
09:00 - 05:00
09:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Hard Club"

Adrian Muntean
26 iunie 2019 22:19

The coffee is REALLY bad, no idea what you guys are doing to it. The music is good if you like that genre, there's not enough venting outside so there's an intense smell of cigarettes. On the other hand, the service is great and that makes up for it.
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Daniela Telehuz
6 aprilie 2019 14:13

Great place to spend an evening with friends and a good beer. This place has an awesome retro vibe and the music is the best. Sometimes they hold concerts in here and they have a great choice of artists. It's a bit far from the city centre though.
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Haiduc vlad
10 iulie 2019 10:18

Awesome place. Nice terace , lovely rock theme indoor
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Jancsi Kis
28 aprilie 2019 00:17

A good place to join live events. Most of the performers are rockers, but not only. Outdoor terrace available. And good prices too.
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Adriana Cotorobai
2 iunie 2019 10:53

Nice people, good music, good prices, nice location!!!
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