Euphoria Biergarten

Strada Cardinal Iuliu Hossu 25, Cluj

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Va asteptam la EUPHORIA BIERGARTEN cu aceleasi meniuri delicioase, la o colectie de halbe de bere impreuna cu cei dragi voua.

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Maximilian Hantsch-Köller
26 octombrie 2017 15:57

Good atmosphere, great beers, tasty food. But: I will not order the New York Steak again; it tasted good but the meat was full of gristle and not worthy being used for a steak. So I suggest avoiding steak at this place. Other food was fine.
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Florin Alexandru Gaz
12 noiembrie 2017 11:38

Nice place to have dinner or just have a good unfiltered beer. The service was good, and they have a variety of foods an drinks. Good place to hang out with friends or if you want to watch a game on a football night. The prices are a bit high for Cluj-Napoca in general but average for part of the city.
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Andreea R
17 noiembrie 2017 20:06

Great music, delicious food, soothing atmosphere and very polite staff
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Adrian Miresian
11 octombrie 2017 17:58

One of my favorite places to eat. Great food, good beer. Nice ambiance, quiet, chill music, friendly weithers. I definitely recomand it, but make a reservation first, usually it's crowded.
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Jari Laakso
12 iulie 2017 17:23

Service was fast and polite. Hamburger bun was great, but the meat was below expectations. I don't really eat french fries, so no comment on those. The location is great, especially if you can stay outside. Recommended place, but eat something else than the burger.
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