Euphoria Biergarten

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Strada Cardinal Iuliu Hossu 25, Cluj

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La Euphoria Biergarten rezervarile se iau in cursul zilei pana la ora 18:00.

Va asteptam la EUPHORIA BIERGARTEN cu aceleasi meniuri delicioase, la o colectie de halbe de bere impreuna cu cei dragi voua.

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C Cristian
9 mai 2018 20:47 Rezervat în data de 9 mai 2018 prin

Foarte buna mancarea si staff foarte amabil.
Recomand cu incredere Crispy chicken fingers. Portiile sunt un pic scumpe dar mari, imposibil sa nu te saturi. Calitate premium!

Dan Țițiu
7 septembrie 2018 09:15

I was amazed at first of how big the place is, with lots of places outside and nicely decorated on the inside. Reservations recommended. The food is amazing and the wine selection is great. The service was good, but maybe not at the same level with the impression left by the place. Definitely going back.
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cristina_zima Deianira
27 noiembrie 2018 21:03

I've been here many times and every time the food was very good. It's a nice place, nice atmosphere, good music (for a restaurant). I really like it here.
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Alina Nicoara
11 iulie 2018 16:14

All of the dishes we’ve tried here were great! So was the lemonade! Service was also prompt even though it was a busy night when we ate there! Their dessert and espresso was also good!
The place itself is in a great location on a canal and if you dine outside it could make for a nice, memorable meal! There’s also lots of flowers and trees for shade😊
All in all, a great meal in a nice setting
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Elena Parau - MyGiulietta handmade accessories
23 noiembrie 2018 23:26

I can say about this place that they are using to put a lot of salt.
You need to be careful or to drink a lot....
Better eat at Zama, which is so close.
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Melisa AM
30 decembrie 2018 13:18

The waiter was grumpy and didn't seem to enjoy her job at all. It ruined our experience a bit. The food was also quite expensive considering the quality
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