Zexe Zahana

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Icoanei 80, Ştefan cel Mare, București

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Un festin cu umor și tradiții dintr-o locantă interbelică aflată la răscruce de trei ulițe pestrițe, între străzile Icoanei, Leonida și Domnița Ruxanda.Mizilicuri si antreuri, tuslamale, carnati, pastrame si fripturi pe jar gatite neaos cu cinste si corectitudine si vorbe stropite cu alb de Panciu ori de Pietroasele.

Va asteptam sa va fericim cu haz si vigoare ca musafiri ori clienti cu mese cumsecade si muzica buna pe care tot romanul le viseaza.

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A Alina
23 octombrie 2017 11:29 Rezervat în data de 21 octombrie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Mancarea a fost excelenta, foarte gustoasa (de incercat maduva in os, berbecut la gratar si MUSAI deserturile). Servirea a fost impecabila, tot personalul a fost ireprosabil.

S Stefan
19 iunie 2017 14:44 Rezervat în data de 18 iunie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Mi-ar fi plăcut sa ma anunțe în momentul confirmării rezervării ca aveau la aceeași ora un eveniment (botez) care a fost destul de deranjant pentru cei care doreau un prânz liniștit . În rest experienta a fost ca de obicei foarte buna.

Yair Bar Zohar
23 septembrie 2018 22:23

This successful restaurant has three branches throughout Bucharest. This branch is located right in the heart of Bucharest, not far from the main attractions. The restaurant serves a wide range of Romanian cuisine, fish and various meats. It is worth saving a place for the wonderful desserts of the place! Prices are reasonable. Opening hours: 12:00 to midnight.
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Magda Neagu
11 octombrie 2018 11:20

The decor is something from the 1980's, the entertainment on a Tuesday night was something out of a 1990's bad wedding: an electric piano and a lady in animal print and sweatpants singing way to loud for you to have any meaningful conversation.

The food was decent, but it took them 1 hour and 20 minutes to bring out cold platters for a pre-arranged booking of 50 people. Then another hour to bring out the second course. By that time I was ready to shoot the singer.

The door to the ladies bathroom was off the hinges so it did not actually close or provide any kind of privacy.
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Silviu Marin-Caea
10 iulie 2018 14:54

Very pleasant place, old school in the good way. Fresh food, exemplary staff, quick service, delicious dessert cakes. A bit more expensive than the average, but not too much. For example, about 3-400 lei total for 4 persons. Always left satisfied, will return.
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Eduard Pogea
13 septembrie 2018 08:49

ZEXE was a strange experience. In a very positive way. I couldn’t really figure out their concept, but there was always something hidden in their “Sisi-like princess style”. The place looks like in a 80s movie, but they pretend only, the stuff is partially brand new, others were restored to make it look like it. All is very romantic and you feel like you are part of an old Austrian-German love story. At the same time the staff and the whole concept is made to treat you like a royal. Absolute interesting.

We tried different stuff and everything was really good and authentic. The Mici were really good, the Eggplants amazing and the platter with assorted meat as well. Prices are fair and everything was to our satisfaction.
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Tiberius Serghei
3 septembrie 2018 22:56

Nice service even if at some points a little slow. Very good food - with a few exceptions: porcini mushrooms salad was made mainly with champignions. Steep prices on wines with no good reason.
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