Zexe Zahana

Icoanei 80, Ștefan cel Mare, București
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Un festin cu umor și tradiții dintr-o locantă interbelică aflată la răscruce de trei ulițe pestrițe, între străzile Icoanei, Leonida și Domnița Ruxanda.Mizilicuri si antreuri, tuslamale, carnati, pastrame si fripturi pe jar gatite neaos cu cinste si corectitudine si vorbe stropite cu alb de Panciu ori de Pietroasele.

Va asteptam sa va fericim cu haz si vigoare ca musafiri ori clienti cu mese cumsecade si muzica buna pe care tot romanul le viseaza.

Păreri despre "Zexe Zahana"

S Stefan
19 iunie 2017 14:44 Rezervat în data de 18 iunie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Mi-ar fi plăcut sa ma anunțe în momentul confirmării rezervării ca aveau la aceeași ora un eveniment (botez) care a fost destul de deranjant pentru cei care doreau un prânz liniștit . În rest experienta a fost ca de obicei foarte buna.

Marius-Gabriel Onceanu
10 aprilie 2017 19:32

Great food but pricy. It's a restaurant with Romanian gastronomy at its specific.
Worth having lunch here or a business deal meal.
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Anca Abaza
12 aprilie 2017 14:56

It is truly the embodiment of exquisite Romanian cuisine, with dishes going beyond the common sarmale with mămăligă (they have that also) and adding things you definitely wouldn't find anywhere else. Highly recommended, especially if you want to discover Romanian historic cuisine. Prices a bit high
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Octavian Coravu
22 mai 2017 10:40

Amazing place for traditional romanian food. Impeccable service as well
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Liis Pitkänen
30 aprilie 2017 01:02

Dessert cakes were amazing and beyond expetations. I'm a cafe owner daughter and I grew up with cakes. So I know a bit around in that topic. I would suggest to have a cake and coffee there. It looked very local and that was something I was looking for. Honestly the food is nothing special and I could give less points but I really liked the cakes. Overall the food is old fashioned and honest but that is this place originality. I was happy with it. I give 4 points for the atmosphere, live music, great dessert. Service isn Bucharest is not smiling faces but I got use to it with 1 day already. They are not rude, just do not smile. The prices are modest compared to other European prices. I considered it to be rather cheap. But as always it depends what you usually pay. Our 4 people 3 course dinner with 2 bottes of wine, 2 local shots and tip cost 450 lei so around 112 eur/28 eur per person. If you are into Romanian experience, go for it. If you are looking a la carte dinner, choose another place.
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Dave de Jong
24 aprilie 2017 12:02

Local dishes, traditional setting, live music, good service
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